Greenide Instagram Bot ($15/Month)

• It likes 1500 photos per day.

• You can pick multiple hashtags. (#bloggerneeded #bloggerwanted #bloggerrequired)

• You can block hashtags so bot won’t like inappropriate photos. (#sex #boobs #nude)

• The bot doesn’t use API like other bots on the web so Instagram doesn’t block you from using a bot or even detect it.

• Determining hashtags to like is the crucial part.


Greenide Twitter Bot ($15/Month)

• It follows 1000 accounts – which is Twitter daily follow limit – either following or followers of your competitors.

• It unfollows all the accounts that don’t follow you back after 5 days and repeats the process.

• It keeps the record of the accounts so it won’t run on the same account twice.

• Determining your competitors is the crucial part.


MySQL Database Optimization ($50/Year)

• Many bloggers complain about slow-loading websites and database optimization plays an important role for website speed.

• Our team optimizes your database every month.

• Your blog should be a WordPress blog.






1. Should You Use Bots?

Social media automation tools are quite popular these days. Even if it’s still controversial to use a bot, there is no point of avoiding it if everybody uses it.

Maybe you share genuine content but your competitors don’t play the game by the rules. If someone uses a gun, you can’t win if you keep using a sword.

2. Do You Get Banned For Using Bots?

If Instagram or Twitter can detect it, they might ban you but that’s not a problem with our bots.

Greenide Instagram bot doesn’t use API so Instagram can’t even detect you are using a bot.

Greenide Twitter bot uses API but since it will only be used for following & unfollowing rather than tweeting, sending automated message and liking tweets, it won’t be a problem.