When Should You Shower – Morning Or Night?

As the days goes hot, we need to shower like every day. Taking a shower with cold water has many benefits like powering up our immune system. But taking a shower at night or in the morning? Which one is healthy?

Benefits Of Taking Shower In The Morning

  • Taking a shower in the morning accelerates blood circulation three times more than coffee.
  • It relaxes your muscles. If you wake up with a stiff neck, taking a hot shower will help you to get rid of it. You can support that with a little amount of stretching.
  • Taking a shower in the morning is good for people with oily skin. If you have oily skin and if you take a shower at night, probably you will encounter an oily skin as soon as you wake up in the morning. But if you take a shower in the morning, you can get rid of all the oil that pile up during night.

Benefits Of Taking Shower At Night

  • Taking a shower after work will help you to get rid of fatigue and it is good for stress management. It will lighten you up and guarantee a sleep like a baby.
  • Taking a shower before sleep will make your body release more melatonin. This hormone relaxes you and make you go to sleep easily.
  • Taking a shower will also open up your pores and this will make you feel great just before you sleep.
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