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If you have seen this error, your PC were probably running slow or it got infected with a virus that you don’t know to remove, so you format your computer. If you try to install Google Chrome right after formatting your PC without updating anything in Windows, you will probably see this error while trying to install Chrome, because this is what happened to me.

If you type “download chrome” to Google and search, first result you will find is obviously Chrome‘s official website where you can download and install Chrome. But the thing you probably didn’t know is you are not exactly downloading Chrome itself from that page, actually you are downloading a “Chrome downloader”, which is around 195 KB and if you think it through just a little bit, you will realize that a programs like Chrome can’t have such small sizes.

How to Fix that Error?

The thing you need is not a Chrome downloader, but a standalone installer, also known as the offline installer. While Chrome downloader requires internet access, these standalone installation files don’t. There are two options but if you have no idea which one is what, choose the first one.

Install Chrome for one account

Install Chrome for all accounts

These files should be around 45 MB and hopefully, you won’t be seeing any error during the installation process.

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