Top 10 Browser Games To Play When You Are Bored

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You don’t play browser games when you are at home, if you are a gamer you probably have a better computer and better games at home but there are same places and some situations that you might need browser games like work or school, right?

1. One Chance

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Every living cell on Planet Earth will be dead. You are the only one who can save every living creature on Earth. You have 6 days and only ONE CHANCE to do it.

Click To Play One Chance

2. Robot Unicorn Attack

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You are a robot unicorn which can jump off the cliffs and dash through the obstacles accompanied by a fabulous song.

Click To Play Robot Unicorn Attack

3. Hilltendo

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There are FBI agents, classified emails to be deleted and of course Hillary Clinton, you know how it goes.

Update: This game has taken down due to its ties with Russian interference with US election.

Click To Play Hilltendo

4. Pandemic II

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I am sure you have heard about Plague Inc. before, Pandemic is the browser version of this game. You are a virus and you try to spread across the world. You should do it without alarming the countries because they can shut down their borders to prevent you from spreading.

Click To Play Pandemic II

5. Find The Invisible Cow

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You are trying to find an invisible cow with your cursor. Cow gets louder as your cursor move closer to it. Not a good choice if you are playing to kill time at work because it gets really louder.

Click To Play Find The Invisible Cow

6. Evolution Game

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You’re a single-celled organism. Can you evolve into a duck? All you have to do is choosing the right answer and proceed.

Click To Play Evolution Game

7. N – Game

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Even if it is a really old game, it is still one of the best choices you can get when it comes to browser games. All you need to do is reaching the door by using ninja skills, just be sure to avoid bombs, heat-seeking missiles, guided lasers and robots to get to the next room.

Click To Play N – Game

8. No-One Has To Die

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Amazing game with branching story paths.

Click To Play No-One Has To Die

9. Slitherio

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Collect dots, destroy enemies and grow longer. Don’t hit other players but try to make them hit you.

Click Here To Play Slitherio

10. Age Of War

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My favorite strategy game I can play with a browser and somehow it never gets old. You start with prehistoric age with stones and then evolve into futuristic age with lasers. You have to destroy enemy’s base before he destroys yours. You should not only improve your soldiers but also your defense to prevent enemy from getting near to your base.

Click Here To Play Age Of War

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