12 Things You Need To Know Before Repotting A Plant

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Maybe your plant is getting bigger or you just found a new cute pot for your plant. But don’t forget that plant is a living and they are very fragile in certain conditions. Most of the plants die when inexperienced people try to repot them or when people don’t follow certain rules. Plants are living beings and especially potted plants are fragile. If you don’t follow these certain rules, you may end up killing your plants you have taken care of.

1. Give plenty of water for two days before repotting them.

2. If the current pot of your plant is small, repot them on a bigger one.

3. If there isn’t any drainage hole at the bottom, be sure to drill the bottom of the pots before repotting your plant.

4. If there isn’t any hole under the pot and you are not able to drill, put small amounts of pebble stones before putting soil in the pot, that will provide drainage to some extent.

5. Every species might need a different kind of soil and before you repot your plants, be sure to plant them in a proper soil.

6. Don’t try to repot a cactus or any other thorny plant without using gloves.

7. If roots of the plant are scattered completely, you can try to loosen the soil with wooden sticks to prevent any damage to the roots. You may also use an old knife or a trowel to loosen the pot.

8. If you are not able to remove the plant from the pot, that means you have no other choice than cutting or breaking the old pot.

9. After removing the plant from the old pot, you can prune the roots but be sure to prune the thread roots and protect the main (tap) roots.

10. If there is excess soil sticking to the roots, you can remove them by slowly hitting roots with a small shovel or a trowel.

11. When you put the plant in a new pot, be sure to put it in the center of the pot. If the new pot is too deep, you can put soil until your plant wouldn’t look sunken in your new pot. You should leave about 1-inch gap from the top of the pot to prevent water from overflowing.

12. When you repot the plant, it needs more water than it normally does. The first three days decide if your plant is going to live or die so be sure to keep an eye on it.

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