Guest Post Guidelines

Dear bloggers & contributors;

Thank you very much for your interest in collaborating with us. We love hosting bloggers & contributors in our website and introducing them to our readers.

Purpose of this page is to guide you to write perfect post so that Google can drive traffic to your post – which eventually improve your recognition and drive traffic to your blog.

If you are up to it, please read “Guest Post Do’s And Don’ts” thoroughly first. Our collab will have two stages and start as soon as you submit your GPT1 form.

1. GPT1

• GPT1 is just a way of saying “This is what I want to write about”.

Guest posts we’ve published earlier might give you hints on what kind of content we are looking for.

•Please submit your GPT1 via this form.

2. GPT2

• GPT2 is ready-to-be-published version of your article as a word document. We will send an example via email when you are at this stage.

• After submitting your GPT2, give us a few days before publishing your post – we might need to adjust a few things before publishing.


“Good artist copy, great artist steal.” Collect ideas, not sentences or paragraphs.

If you really know how to tell a story, let it get personal. (

“A glittery dress isn’t the only way to make a statement for the upcoming holiday…”

“This sponge has quite a rough texture but not overly abrasive.”

Write either “short paragraphs” or “numbered list” with good photo combinations and interesting content.

“9 New Year’s Eve Glitter Looks To Take Your Outfit To The Next Level”

Spend some time on Flickr, Freepik, Dribble and Behance to find perfect & high quality featured image & post images / illustrations / vectors

Do not copy from other websites & blogs including your own – even a single paragraph.

Our readers don’t know you very well yet, your personal experiences & thoughts are probably not interesting for them.

“As a beauty blogger and a makeup artist, I am obsessed with palettes!”

“I really like using this sponge!”

Don’t write only your ideas & thoughts in dull & long paragraphs without giving any useful information.

“My Mixed Bag Beauty Haul: A Little Bit Of Everything!”

Don’t use google images – nor the images you stumbled upon social media.

→ Submissions may have been edited for length and/or clarity.
→ It might take a while to edit & post your article. Please be patient with us.
→ We’ll do everything we can to share & spread your article and we’ll appreciate
if you can do the same for your own article.
→ You don’t have to be BuzzFeed but you do have to care about tone, style and
clarity. It’s helpful if your writing has a little swing in its step.
→ Be interesting. Use a great metaphor, or tell a compelling story. Spend some
time on your headline.
→ Do not add any affiliate or sponsorship links in your post.