23 GIFs That Prove Animals Are F**king Hilarious

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1. “I can… almost… reach you…”

2. Kungfu Panda origin.

3. These are the eyes of a dog who regrets nothing.

4. Why does it seem like that bird is already covered in shit? Is this his job or something?

5. “I’d rather drown in my cereal than share it with you.”

6. “Let’s Hide You Th… Ahhh not again!”

7. When you are trying to fake roll over to get a treat.

8. When you know you’ve made a bad decision, and you stick with it.

9. Determination.

10. “Of course I wanna taste th… Oh! Stop! Stop! STOP!”

11. He really wants to wear that flip flop… on his face.

12. Puberty problems.

13. “Hold my straw.”

14. Bully dawg.

15. Bitchslapped.

16. “Did you lock the door?” *SMACK*

17. “Do you believe me now, Scully?”

18. “I… can… reach…”

19. Jiggy piggy.

20. “Mlem.”

21. “Sh*t! I’m surrounded!”

22. “You messed with the wrong cat pal.”

23. “Out of my way!” *SLAP*

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