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Your favorite game as a kid returns! The latest Doom game is on its way and it will be released on Friday, May 13th.

Trailer is live action trailer and doesn’t give any information about the game yet but some character designs seem to be inspired from the very first Doom game. Monsters you can see in the trailer are

  • Fireball shooting giant head, also known as “Cacodemon”
  • Giant red devil with horns, also known as “Bullpig”
  • Fiery Skeleton Head, also known as “Lost Soul”
  • Demon with machine gun, also known as “Cyber Demon”
  • Fireball throwing monsters, also known as “Imp”

and these are the only monsters we have known from the early games and it is still unknown if there will be more of the monsters from Doom 1 & 2. Revenants, misle shooting skeletons, can also be seen in the trailer but unlike original ones, these Revenants can fly.

Main character design also seems to be updated and new character looks like a space marine with a high-tech exoskeleton. Either way, it is great to play games that can reminds our good old days.

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