17 Highly Disturbing Animated Shorts That Will Give You The Willies

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1. In The Tall Grass

Joseph is a mentally ill and he’s always been battling for his sanity. He is a prisoner in his own flat and his sick ideas are haunting him. It is a psychological thriller every person with an unemployment experience can understand – being in the prison in your own house, having nothing to do and despair.

2. Smile

I can’t exactly call it a “horror short”, but it is definitely disturbing. Many people argue on the hidden meaning of smiling people but I haven’t seen anything that explains the meaning of the robot orgy at the end.

3. Behind Closed Doors

This is the exact animated short that explains my childhood fears. I can relate to that. Actually, I am still expecting someone to appear from behind the doors after I go to bed.

4. Who Is Hungry?

Children should obey their parents. Some kids learn it the easiest way while some of them learn to be a savage af.

5. Dog Of Man

From the creator of “Salad Fingers” comes another “sick” animated short with full of disturbing scenes. I can’t understand what’s going on, maybe you’ll have more luck understanding this mysterious fat boy.

6. Memoria

Drug addict and homeless Vincent finds himself in an abandoned house where he encounters a dark entity forces him to face his suppressed past.

7. Waiting

The girl is waiting at a bus station to get to a Halloween party but she will realize that there are things one should not face under any circumstances.

8. The Backwater Gospel

This animated short might be criticizing religion but I wouldn’t call this “anti-religion”. There is an authority figure trying to dictate the stereotype and there is a chill people (pretty much like me) who doesn’t obey something just because someone told him to do so.

9. Schrodinger’s Cat

A crazy scientist conducting experiments with cats but only less than 50% were successful so far. When the experiment fails, the cat dies but this time it goes way to wrong.

10. Sebastian’s Voodoo

A high-quality animated short about the adventure of a voodoo doll to save his friends.


A young girl accidentally kills her classmate because she is disgusted by her appearance. After having an accident at a subway station, a young girl is haunted by a sinister spirit.

12. Doll Face

A machine with an artificial face is trying to mimic the faces she sees on a TV screen. It might be meaningless at first glance but it is surprising how Andy Huang (creator) was able to catch a glimpse of today’s world full of YouTubers and Instagrammers even if this short was released in 2005.

13. Francis

There is definitely something in that lake but what kind of dark and twisted entity might be haunting Francis?

14. Chad VanGaalen – Molten Light

Official music video for Chad VanGaalen’s “Molten Light” song. It may not be a horror short but the vengeful spirit of a murdered girl is always worth watching.

15. Rabbit

An animated form of children’s book. I have no idea what’s going on but there are sadistic children with knives; enough reason for us to watch, right?

16. The Sad Tale of Bad Breath Joe

Poor Joe finds a permanent solution for his bad breath.

17. Username 666

When you visit “youtube.com/user/666”, you’ll really see “This account has been terminated for violating YouTube or Google’s Terms of Service.” – I didn’t bother to refresh the page, I am too smart to die.

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