YouTube Channel Idea That Will Rock YouTube In 2016

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There are many channels on YouTube but only some of them have succeeded to attract viewers and followers. People are literally out of ideas and most of them open a game-play channel probably because of the PewDiePie. His channel is the most subscribed channel on YouTube, there are #Music or #Gaming channels with higher subscribers but they are not real channels, they were created by YouTube and they don’t upload any videos, they just feature the videos from other channels.

However, is PewDiePie the only reason why gaming channels are so popular? I don’t think so because first of all making game-play videos is probably the easiest thing you can do on YouTube. Game-play videos don’t require much skill, you just need a screen recorder and a game to play. You don’t even have to edit gaming videos using a software like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas Pro, just a simple software like Movie Maker on Windows will do the job. The only thing you need is a computer, some of the gaming channels are playing browser games like ‘Happy Wheels’ so you don’t need to buy or download games.

But don’t think people will subscribe to your channel as soon as you open it, especially if you are only making game-play videos because it is 2016 and everyone is doing it. Moreover people like PewDiePie, Markiplier and CaptainSparklez are uploading game-play videos for at least 5 or 6 years, so success is not a chance, they deserve every single subscriber they have. Why on earth people would subscribe to your channel while they have theRadBrad?

But don’t worry, it is not too late. There is still room for you in YouTube if you can: EAT!?!

Yuka Kinoshita is from Japan and the only thing she does on her YouTube channel is eating. Ok wait, Can someone make YouTube subscribers just by eating? She is eating in front of the camera for only a year yet she already has more than 800.000 subscribers. Yes! She made nearly 1 million subscribers and get verified within a year and only by eating! Most of the 1-year-old channels are not even close to that number, so it is really a big deal but I have to say, she is really good at eating. Check out her channel, she adds the weight of foods she eat on the thumbnail of her videos and some of them are as heavy as 5 kilograms! Mochi is a kind of rice cake in Japanese cuisine, in this video, she eats 100 Mochi without taking any break.

Final Word: I am still not sure if the real challenge is eating 5 kilograms in one sitting or still be able to smile after eating 5 kilograms.

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