Batman: Bad Blood – Is It Another Robin Movie?

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As a Batman’s biggest fan or at least one of them, I have been waiting ‘Batman: Bad Blood’ to come out for nearly 2 months. It is the third movie of the series and if you haven’t watched them yet, the first one is ‘Son of Batman’ and the main villain is Deathstroke, the second one is ‘Batman vs. Robin’ and the main villain is Talon.

Batman: Bad Blood trailer was first featured on Warner Bros YouTube channel (@WarnerBrosOnline) on November 9, 2015 and later on they have also published some other clips from the movie.

From the trailer, we all understand that Batwoman, Nightwing and Robin are in the movie too and you can see Nightwing in Batman costume fighting against criminals. After the first trailer came out, many people wondered why on earth Nightwing was wearing a Batman costume and where Batman is, then Warner Bros published another clip from the movie 5 days ago and explained the reason why Nightwing was wearing Batman costume – “Batman: Bad Blood – The Night Batman Died”

As you can see there was an explosion and yes, unfortunately the clip said “Batman died”, I am still not sure if Batman really died because it would be so annoying to watch a Batman movie without a Batman, so clever Warner Bros… However we should be grateful that they said the truth from the beginning, because I don’t think many people would like to buy and watch a Batman movie which kills Batman, and people might get mad if they buy the movie without knowing that.

Please don’t get me wrong Nightwing – Robin – Batwoman fans, I totally like them and it feels great to watch them fight alongside the Batman but don’t forget the fact that they are just sidekicks. Even if they are capable of doing things, they need someone to steer them and most importantly we need Batman to give some inspirational speech.

I am not the only one who goes to the gym after watching Batman movie, am I?

But why Batman motives people more than any other superhero? I think the real reason is he is only a human; he is one of us and without any super powers he always outmatches the villains no matter who they are. My theory was also explained in ‘Justice League Unlimited’ series; Amanda Waller was confessing why she made Terry McGinnis successor of the Batman by using Bruce Wayne’s DNA.

“I saw him save the day dozens of times with nothing but his wits, body and will.”

However, something different happened in ‘Batman: Bad Blood’ and Batman died. I am still not sure about that though – I really wish that Warner Bros was trolling the internet. But seriously, If you watched the first trailer, Robin said: “If that’s your best Batman, you are not gonna fool anyone”. I don’t think no child would say such a thing just after losing their father. Also, if you watch the first movie of the series, Robin is out of control and has anger issues. If Batman died, Robin would have been like: “We have to kill them, I have to take my revenge.”, he was even going after Deathstroke after killing his grandfather but instead, he was calm and giving advice to Nightwing about being Batman. I haven’t watched the movie yet but my theory is either Batman is still alive or he will be resurrected by Lazarus Pit and Robin knows that. It already happened before and Robin became Red Hood. It also happened in ‘Son of Batman’ and Batman resurrected Talia in Lazarus Pit so it might happen again.

The other important detail is the name of the movie: Bad Blood. There are many blood tie references in the earlier movies; for example, Robin mentioned about that blood tie to Nightwing more than once, like: “Maybe you should remember who the blood son is.” and “You’re just some lost little orphan he took pity on… But I’m blood, I’m his son”. Therefore ‘Bad Blood’ statement is clearly about Robin and Batman can’t possibly have bad blood. So the crucial question is: Are we really sure that Damian is the son of Bruce Wayne? In Son of Batman movie, Talia told Batman that they have a son and Batman admits that without hesitation but what if Talia made that ‘tiny little activity’ with someone else? And most importantly how on earth that has something to do with Batman’s death?

If you have noticed, first two movies were about Robin rather than Batman. In Son of Batman movie, Robin defeated Deathstroke while Batman was resurrecting Talia. It was worse in Batman vs. Robin movie; Robin defeated Batman, Talon defeated Batman, Batman saved by Robin and then Robin defeated Talon?!? Are these movies supposed to be Robin movies instead of Batman? How can it be a Batman movie if Batman doesn’t kick the main villain’s butt?

Producer of the first two movies was James Tucker and ‘Batman: Bad Blood’ was also produced by him. We haven’t met yet but I think he might be the one who turns Batman movies into Robin movies, now he killed Batman and makes Robin movies under the name of Batman. How am I supposed to go to the gym if you keep making movies like that James?

Final Word: If Batman is really dead and Robin is the one who beats the main villain in this movie, I am coming for you James Tucker. (Just kidding.)

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