The Most Viral Turkish Ads Of All Time

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1. Tat – Tatli Domatesler

That music, those tiny tomatoes, their sweet voices and these facial expressions; of course it went viral.

2. Turkish Airlines – Turkish Basketball Team

Every citizen in Turkey is trying to train Turkish National Basketball Team by causing little problems.

3. Anadolu Sigorta – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

When someone is claiming there is no need for car insurance, famous Street Fighter character Ryu shows up and recreate the bonus stage of Street Fighter 2.

4. ETI – Terminator

This commercial went viral because they used someone look exactly like, well you guessed it, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

5. Sahibinden – Ev

-I couldn’t find the house I am looking for.

-What? You didn’t find the house you are looking for on

And those expressions…

6. Vodafone – Crying Baby

They criticize slow internet speed and praise high speed internet of Vodafone.

7. ETI – Facebook

In this commercial they prove, somehow, if there was no wheat, Facebook wouldn’t exist today. They are probably trying to criticize the generation who cares social media accounts more than their future; nature and wheat.

8. Maret – Yok mu?

People loved those adorable children singing together even if some people criticize the ad, which features sausage, due to health issues.

9. Profilo – Kelek Yaptin

There was no enough room for watermelon in the refrigerator and watermelon was so sad. But thanks to Profile, this problem is no more.

10. Eti – Sut Burger

When mom see her children in a messy situation, she tries to learn who is responsible while two siblings blame each other.

11. Tat – Dok Dok Ye

Creative food art made with ketchup and some other food.

12. Doritos – After 3 Chips

There is nothing you can do after eating 3 chips of Doritos, or at least that’s what they say.

13. Vodafone – Curtains

When boy realizes his mom is going to make him hang curtains, he struggles to find a way to escape that and finally he does: fake video interview.

14. Knorr – Cabuk Corba

This guy finally find enough courage to try a soup with hot Mexican sauce.

15. Didi – Ceza

Famous Turkish rapper Ceza states that coke makes you bloat, ayran (Turkish beverage) makes you sleepy; therefore you should drink didi (ice tea) during dinner.

16. Arcelik – Ask Ile Yap

This commercial went viral because of Turkish female actress, Beren Saat and the song played during the ad, which belongs to Turkish singer, Kenan Dogulu.

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