Story Of The ‘Snake Trapped In A Beer Can’ Finally Ends Happily

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Yesterday, Imgur user ‘chandalowe’ shared final part of his story about a snake trapped in a beer can. About 5 months ago, he found the snake while he was hiking, the snake was injured and cut itself while trying to escape from the can. He took it with him and keep it safe until the snake is good to go.

He shared the first pictures of this wounded snake 5 months ago and yesterday, snake was released to nature and here is the actual story from his own feed:

“While I was out hiking last fall, I came across this California Whipsnake that had tried to crawl through a hole in a beer can.”

“The hole in the side of the can was too small for the snake to get its entire body through, leaving it stuck in the can.”

“The snake was able to get its head out through the pop-top, but its body remained trapped in the can.”

“As the snake thrashed around in an attempt to free itself, it was cutting itself on the sharp edges of the aluminum.”

“I brought the snake back with me so I could cut the can off of it. The snake was injured from its ordeal, so I kept it for a while and treated the wounds with antibiotic ointment.”

“This is the offending beer can, after it was removed.”

“I let my son’s science teacher keep it in her classroom during its recovery, so she could share it with her students. Every morning I dropped in before school to check on it and reapply the antibiotics. Although that must have hurt, the snake was very cooperative and never tried to bite.”

“We used the can (and snake) as an object lesson for the students about the importance of picking up their trash.”

“During its recovery, the snake served as a classroom ambassador to help students learn more about snakes and (for some) to help them overcome their fear of snakes.”

“The little guy was quite docile and amenable to handling, making him the perfect ambassador. However, from what we read online, this species does not do well in captivity, so after about a week and a half, we decided to release him.”

“I took him back out to the same place where I’d found him and let him go.”

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