Why You Should Never Sit On The Bed With Outside Clothes

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Coming home after a stressful day and putting your feet up in bed first – that’s part of the relaxation program for many. We’ll tell you why you’d better avoid this

Sitting on the bed, watching your favorite series, doing a bit of work or reading an exciting book … all the things that most of us are familiar with. But if you are one of those guys who wear outside clothes while doing these, bring up your pajamas as soon as possible. We bring you the dirty facts about outside clothes.

Dander, Sweat And Aerosols

Every day, humans shed around 500 million skin cells and lose a liter of sweat. And where does it all end up? In your clothes, of course. But our fellow human beings are no cleaner either. In the subway or at work, we take everything with us through our clothes that lives invisibly on air. And that is not only unhygienic, but also stupid in times of Corona. Because aerosols can be deposited anywhere and thus also contaminate clothes.

Bacteria Survive In Clothes

Philip Tierno, Director of Microbiology and Immunology at New York University, explains: “Bacteria and organisms can survive for weeks or even months in clothing.” And nobody wants these uninvited guests in their bed. This can be solved by washing your clothes regularly and changing your clothes after you come home and definitely going into your bed. When you get home, put on cozy home wear – with it you can relax on the sofa and bed without any worries.

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