20 Tips For Better Sleep

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If you are saying “I sleep but still feel tired.”, you are not alone. Many people complain about the same thing and many of them suppose this is a necessity of modern life but it is not. You can improve your sleep quality with simple tips and I will tell you how.

Sleep is state of consciousness that limits emotional activities and response strength. We spend nearly one-third of our lives during sleep. Sleep is actually a purification state;, moreover, it is a detoxification. Growth hormone secretion increases during sleep and that’s why it’s crucial for children, for that reason sleep quality and sleep duration are very important. There are many factors damaging sleep quality. That factors can be mechanical like poor bed quality and uncomfortable clothes. Some diseases like cardiac insufficiency, sleep apnea and respiratory tract diseases can also spoil your sleep quality.

Older People Sleep Less

Babies and kids need more time to sleep. As we get older we need less time for sleep and it is usual if it drops to 5-6 hours. The most important thing that ruins sleep quality is psychological problems. These problems affect sleep quality and sleep duration as well. Increase or decrease in sleep duration, problems with falling asleep, waking up at certain times during the night and feeling tired after sleep; they all indicate that you have sleep disorders.

How to Improve Sleep Quality

  1. Do not go into bed before feeling sleepy.
  2. Doing exercise during the day makes you feel tired and make easier falling into sleep.
  3. You can’t solve your daily problems in your bed.
  4. Don’t share the problems you encounter with your spouse in bed, because that will spoil both your and your spouse’s sleep quality.
  5. Having a little nap during the day will decrease sleep quality.
  6. Do not use alcohol in order to sleep. If you can’t sleep without taking alcohol, that may be a mental problem, get professional help from a psychiatrist.
  7. Do not sleep in front of TV, you can’t possibly rest during the night with all that TV noise.
  8. Try not to change your time for getting up and going bed, because that will upset your internal clock.
  9. Seasonal changes generally increase sleep time, if that situation last more than 3 weeks, it may require treatment.
  10. Try to sleep before midnight, because that will ensure refreshing sleep.
  11. Stop eating 2 hours before going bed.
  12. Take up a new hobby, because that will reduce stress and help you to fall asleep.
  13. Staying awake during night and sleeping during the day will upset your internal clock, don’t do it.
  14. Even if you don’t have a work or obligation, you must definitely get organized and wake up early.
  15. If you are not sleepy at the midnight, a warm shower will do the trick.
  16. Stay away from drinks like coffee and tea before going bed.
  17. You may be tired when you get home but a little nap will ruin a refreshing night sleep.
  18. Try to keep the windows open in your bedroom, even in winter. Insufficient amount of oxygen will ruin your sleep.
  19. Don’t go to bed with your phone or tablet, you can’t sleep with them and you know it.
  20. Wear something comfortable in order to ensure sufficient blood circulation.
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