10 Ways To Keep Your Sanity During A Weight Loss Journey

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We all should be doing what we can to change your life. You should be using this time each and every day to be a better version of yourself. In order to do that so that you don’t have to restart at the beginning of a New Year is to look at your weight loss journey as a whole. A journey has its ups and downs no matter what you are looking to accomplish. It could be a journey to love you more. It could be a journey to find the new love you deserve. With a weight loss journey do not be deceived to think that you will just do a few things and the weight is going to pour off of you. Sometimes it will, sometimes it will go up, and other times there could be no change that takes place. Be gentle with yourself as you continue. One of the biggest things to change while you are completing your weight loss journey is your mindset. You can drop the weight on the scale but not the weight in your mind. You may still see yourself as overweight because you haven’t taken the time to love on your body at each stage you are in. Let’s give you a few tools to help your mindset as you progress:

1. Create A Goal

You can’t get through any weight loss journey without having a plan. What are you attempting to do? Lose inches? Keep curves? Gain muscle? Whatever your goal is be sure to write it down. The best way to achieve the best weight loss is to have your plan, and work your plan.

2. Be Specific

Make sure that you don’t just write down that you want to lose 25 pounds, write down what it going to take to get you there. You know that you can’t simply want to lose weight you have to do the work. What do you have to do to get there? It can be simple things like gym 3 days a week, and meal planning. It could be going to a few fitness classes and changing your portion sizes.

3. Get An Accountability Partner

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You need someone who is going to call you to the rug on your bad habits. You need someone to tell you to drop that donut and grab some fruit. You need someone who will encourage you to complete your goals not help you to be the same person you were. If your accountability partner isn’t someone who is working towards their own health, then you don’t need them. So ditch the friend who isn’t going to push you, get someone who you can trust to be honest and loving during this process.

4. Get Moving

There are a lot of quick fixes in losing weight. There are a lot of teas and drinks you can use but the best form of losing weight is a lifestyle change. You need to move. This means taking the steps instead of the elevator while at work. This means not coming home and plopping on the couch. This means dedicating yourself to an active lifestyle. So drop that weight by dropping the excuses not to move and move something.

5. Have A Cheat Day

This is essential. In the beginning knocking bad eating habits are super hard. It’s one of the hardest things to overcome during a weight loss journey. However reward yourself with a cheat day. Some people hear cheat days and all they want to do is eat all they can in this one day. You may start off that way, but wean yourself to treating yourself to something you like and having a small portion of it. Maybe 2 glasses of wine, or one donut. Do not try to use a cheat day to go to McDonald’s for the entire day. Be mindful but reward yourself!

6. Don’t Count

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What isn’t the point of losing weight counting? Yes and no. Of course you want to see the number on the scale go down but while you are in the process, there will be a lot of off scale victories that will occur long before the scale tips one way or another. For instance if you used to be out of breath taking the flight of steps, you may find that you aren’t as winded anymore. Another example is you might find the pair of jeans that used to require you to need assistance putting on; you can just simply pull up. These are off scale victories that assist you as the weight and the work you are putting in continues.

7. Negativity Has To Go

If you are ever going to accomplish a personal goal, you must actively push negative thoughts. You can’t lose weight and during the process tell yourself that you will never…. Don’t do this! You are doing yourself an injustice. Your body reacts to your mindset and if your mind and thoughts are down putting you will put on more weight. Sorry not sorry, but if you want that revenge body, you got to stop telling yourself all of the things you can’t and get a can in your spirit.

8. Change Your Circle

This doesn’t mean you have to find new friends. We all don’t want to do that however why hang around old mess if you don’t have to. You will notice with a weight loss journey as you get your mind right that some of the weight is in your circle. You may have to do a little spring cleaning. This will come off to others as you being too good, but the reality is you need to be good to your whole being not just the food you put into it. So say goodbye to the negative Nancie’s that you had around you and look forward to attracting the right folks in your life.

9. Take A Deep Breath

This you will have to do often. You are going to get upset, frustrated, angry and resentful. This is normal and to be expected. Just take a few deep breaths and keep going. You may find that you revert and do something that you shouldn’t do. It’s okay

10. Reset

This is the ability to dust yourself off from your mistake of the same day or the day before and not quit. You don’t have to be perfect in this journey you have to move past inconsistent days and push towards consistency. Often times if you fail at something you just say oh well and allow the negativity enter your head. Reset yourself and try again. You aren’t a failure because you made a mistake. You are a failure if you stop at that mistake and don’t continue on.

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Good luck in your journey. Be gentle with yourself and love on yourself as you accomplish this very big goal. Know that your mindset can only take you as far as you allow it. Kick off the negativity and lose the weight in your body as you drop the weight in your mind. You got this!

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