11 Things To Do With Your Partner Without Leaving Your House

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If your partner is understanding, he or she will probably not expect you to go out every day because going out is an activity and doing any activity too often is boring. Every time you go out, you likely spend money on things that look fun but you don’t need – so going out too often is not the best thing to do after all.

But you don’t have to go out while there are tons of things to do at home. I am not talking about chores, don’t worry. Here are the 11 activities to do with your partner – all of them are money-saving:

11. Play Video Games

There are many gaming channels on YouTube and some of them are created by girls. I think the best way to find a decent game to play is to watch these gameplay videos beforehand. You don’t have to start with “League of Legends” or “World or Warcraft” but there are games that everyone can enjoy even as a beginner such as horror games. I’ve found the scariest horror games by watching YouTube gaming channels so you don’t have to and these are the scariest games God (or developers) ever created:

• Amnesia: The Dark Descent

• Outlast

• Dead Space

10. Take Photos

Indoor photography may sound stupid BUT realize that there are many Instagram accounts with thousands of followers and they just share the photos from their houses. How do they do it? By combining everyday items with each other – simple is that. You can even open a new Instagram account just to do it and who knows, maybe it goes viral and you can turn your hobby into profit – which is how most successful people became successful in the first place.

9. Cooking Contest

Who cooks better? Haven’t you decided yet? The rules are simple – you should both use the same ingredients and cook whatever you want. This activity also boosts your creativity and teach you to make different things with same ingredients.

8. Make A To-Do List

Another great reason to stay home is to make plans. These plans can be about anything; your future, your next trip or even your career. Two heads are always better than one and there might be points you are missing. Wouldn’t you agree that every greatness was just a small idea or suggestion in the beginning?

7. Redecorate One Of Your Rooms

You don’t have to buy new stuff to redecorate your home – putting sofas somewhere else is also called decoration and it’s classy. There has to be more than one place to put your couch to achieve perfection and you can eventually find the best combination to put everything in place.

6. Give Your Partner A Good Message

Not only massage has many health benefits, it also makes partners happy and very close to each other. You probably won’t be getting those health benefits unless you are a massage therapist but still, it feels great to touch each other. You can even take things even further by giving each other massage in the shower as long as you can cover the water bill.

5. Watch Movies & TV Shows Or Short Films

If you are the member of a streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu; you already have access to most of the great movies or series and the only thing you need to do is to find best of them to watch. Again, I have to suggest you go for horror movies because going outside is exciting and only horror movies can give you an adrenaline rush.

If you don’t have the membership of any streaming services, don’t worry. There are hundreds of short films on YouTube you can watch for free. Some of these short films are even inspired movie producers to make movies about them such as “Lights Out”. Search “Horror Short” on YouTube and start watching these short films one by one. Most of them are around 5-10 minutes long but almost any of them would be enough to scare both of you – just be sure to dim the lights and close the curtains.

4. Exercise & Work Out

The best part about working out together is motivating each other. You don’t have to pay for a gym membership if you can spare one of the rooms for exercising. Just be sure to open windows because once you start exercising, you will start breathing faster and consume more oxygen. When there isn’t enough oxygen and you both get sweaty, the room might stink or at least that smell won’t be the most pleasant thing to smell. In short, if you don’t want to start an argument about “who stinks the most”, be sure to open windows.

3. Spend The Whole Day In Bed

Being lazy once in a while is good for both your health and psychology. Just for one day, turn off your phone and cut off your communication with the rest of the world and care for the thing that matters (your partner). Psychological problems or depression usually stem from the lack of communication and sparing special time just for each other is actually a great remedy for both of you.

2. Indoor Picnic

Are the clouds waiting for you to say “picnic”? Because every time I say it, it starts raining. I think that’s the reason why someone invented the term “indoor picnic” – it’s the same thing as outdoor picnic but you put the blanket on the floor rather than putting it on the grass. The indoor picnic is perfect for couples because I hate when someone interrupts romantic moments, which is quite usual. Besides, restaurants charge you twice or even more for the same drink so who needs them anyway?

1. Watch Anime

When I say “anime”, the first thing that comes everyone’s mind is probably “Dragon Ball Z” or “Naruto” – both of them are overrated and everyone is talking about them for some reason. I’ve tried so hard to watch both of them but couldn’t even watch the first 20 episodes.

Don’t worry, I’ve brought my favorite list with me this time so you don’t have to watch shitty series for no reason. Some of them are even more addictive than “Game of Thrones” and they give really good messages. Here’s the list:

• Hunter X Hunter (2011 Version)

• Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

• One Piece

• Gintama

• Attack On Titan

• Seven Deadly Sins

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