The 9 Most Common Diet Mistakes Most Americans Make

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If you are constantly following a diet and can’t lose weight for some reason, there’s a good chance that you might be making some basic mistakes. Normally, it is expected for a dietitian to give you information about these rules but nowadays it’s quite popular to find diets online and try to lose weight on your own – that’s why it is essential to point out some basic rules to follow no matter what diet you are following.

1. Staying Hungry For Too Long

First thing that most people do when they are trying to lose weight is to avoid eating much and trying to avoid junk foods – which seems quite innocent. However, it is a general rule in most diet to include some healthy snacks between meals – which is vital to keep your metabolism going to keep up the calorie burn. Losing weight is a lot more related to what you eat rather than how often you eat so don’t stay hungry for too long.

2. Excluding Bread From Meals

Bread is one of the major source for carbohydrate – which is one of the essential nutrients for body. Excessive bread intake, no doubt, will result in weight gain but excluding it completely is definitely an unhealthy habit.

3. Dehydration

Another vital thing that keeps your metabolism going is water. As long as you don’t cross the line of water poisoning, the more you drink it the better. Additionally, there is a study about cold water having negative calories since your body has to process it until it reaches the body temperature so be sure to drink it as cold as possible.

4. Avoiding Fruits Due To Sugar Content

As long as you keep your portions small, there is nothing wrong with eating fruits. Some fruits & vegetables can be found fresh in their seasons so be sure to pick fruits based on the season we’re in.

5. Eating Only Fruits & Vegetables

Diets that don’t contain enough animal protein might affect the operation of protein-like hormones and enzymes. Body doesn’t treat the animal protein the same way it does to the plant protein. Even if your diet includes rich variety of fruits & vegetables, be sure to include meat as well.

6. Eating One Type Of Food

Eating only animal protein is as harmful as eating only fruits & vegetables. It is quite challenging to pick vitamins & minerals from the vegetables one by one so it’s a good idea to include all kinds of fruits & meats to your diet. Vitamin & mineral deficiency usually leads up to muscle weight loss.

7. Overeating Of Diet Foods

Diet food doesn’t mean zero calorie food – they just have less calories than their normal counterparts. Eating diet foods in excess amounts will make you fat just like any other food.

8. Excessive Lemon & Vinegar

Lemon & vinegar is known for burning fat – which they actually don’t – they just boost metabolism. There is also a limit how much they can boost the metabolism so even if you drink a whole bottle of vinegar, it will have the same effect as dressing your salad with a little bit of lemon juice and vinegar.

9. Cutting Out Fats Completely

There are many important components, like cell membrane, in out body made of fat. Just like everything else, the important thing is the amount of fat you eat. In order to keep up the important function in body, you need to eat but limit high-quality fats like olive oil or animal fat like butter.

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