6 Common Mistakes That Ruin Your Skin

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Sometimes your skin cause problems even if you take care of it. You have chosen beauty products that match your skin type but even then skin problems may appear and you may not get rid of them no matter what you do and how you do. In a situation like this, I recommend you to review your daily life. Perhaps the things that prevent you from having a great and healthy skin is the simple mistakes that you suppose innocent.

1. Your Skin Is Worn Out Because Of Excessive Skin Care

Maybe you are not aware of that but just like snakes, we also shed our skins. It may not be a whole skin at once like snakes do but we shed our skin constantly and small amounts every day. Applying a peel once or twice a week is totally fine but applying a peel every day doesn’t make your skin brighter nor healthier. Particles in the peels help you to shed your skin easily but doing it every day does nothing but to damage your skin. Your skin has a natural oil layer that protects your skin. This layer gets thicker and needs to be removed by applying a peel but if it is not thick enough, you don’t need to remove it.

Wearing makeup is a must but you should already know that makeup isn’t good for skin. When you get home from work or school, the first thing you should do is removing your makeup as soon as possible. Try not to wear makeup on the weekends and let your skin rest for a while. Your skin needs to breathe and it can’t do it while you have a makeup on your face. You can also reduce the makeup you wear just to rest your skin, maybe just a lipstick for a while or until your problems are gone.

2. You Do Not Wash Your Face In The Morning

You remove your makeup and rinse your face in the evening and maybe that’s why you do not wash your face in the morning but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Since makeup clogs all of the pores on your skin, your pores wouldn’t able to breathe or sweat in the morning, they do it at night. However, sweat is not the only thing your pores get rid of during night, they also get rid of toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and excess oil. So you see, washing and rinsing your face in the morning is a must, not only for a beautiful skin but also for your health.

3. Phones, Glasses, Hats…

Always be careful about what touches your face. Phones, glasses, hats, scarfs, makeup brushes and pillowcases; they always touch your face and you need to be certain about their hygiene. Do not use wet wipes to cleanse your phone or glasses, they don’t kill germs, bacteria or other microorganisms but soap does kill them. You can wash your glasses with soap and use soapy washcloths for your phone, once a week would be enough. Especially if you have an oily skin, your phone and glasses probably turn into a mess before you know it and rinsing your face from excess oil wouldn’t matter if your glasses and phone can bring back all those excess oil.

I also mentioned about pillowcase and I hope you are using one. That poor pillowcase absorbs most of the excess oil from your head and your skin during night as you sleep and you need to change your pillowcase once a week.

4. Skipping Shower After Workout

You may be too lazy for taking a shower after a tough workout or maybe you don’t have time. However, sweaty clothes cause acne and pimples because bacteria multiply easily under your sweaty clothes and enter your pores. Your sweat is actually odorless but because of those bacteria, you start to smell bad and disturb other people around you. You work out and exercise for your own good but by a skipping shower, you are making it worse.

5. Insufficient And Irregular Sleep

Beauty sleep is not a legend like most people think. The proper sleep boosts metabolism, change your mood in a positive way and even keep your skin young and fresh. You should have already realized it by now that when you get enough sleep, your under-eye bags don’t stick out or look bruised

Regular lifestyle starts with regular sleep but I am not going to tell how many hours should you sleep because it is up to you. Some people sleep 8 hours a day but still feel sleepy while Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets up at 4 AM every day and still find enough energy to work out and be awesome.

6. Malnutrition

You have already heard it countless times that fast foods or junk foods ruin your diet and your health. However, junk and fast foods harm your health not only by adding extra weight to your belly and your butt but also affects how your skin looks. Experts think junk foods cause acne and pimples by increasing blood sugar in an instant. You may eat healthy oils like olive or butter but fast foods mostly use corn-based oil and they use the same oil to fry large amounts of French fries. You should also be eating meat but you need to cook it properly.

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