6 Tips To Grow Healthier And Stronger Nails

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The only thing that matters is having beautiful nails for some people but having healthy nails is not always the same as having beautiful nails. Nails are too important and strongly related to how you look. We are on summer vacation and you are wearing (or soon you will, hopefully) slippers and sandals. Your bikini is not the only thing that men notice first about you. Actually, it may be the first thing they notice but as the conversation continues, they start to notice other things. Are you aware of how many guys like feet? It may not be a fetish yet but most of the men notice even if your toenails are painted and well groomed.

The nail care is essential in the modern world to ensure a beautiful look. In 2012, the nail polish sales hit $768 million from the U.S. alone, this year it is about $1.5 million – again U.S. only.

The nail care habits have changed over the years. As people understand the importance of nail care in terms of health, they start to choose professional services and even hospitals for these operations.

Nowadays it is easy to start a business even if you know nothing about it. Beauty salons are very popular when people want to start a business without knowing anything because it seems it doesn’t require any professional skills to be a beautician. However, these kinds of beauty salons are the primary point of spreading certain diseases. Beauticians know how to sterilize and clean the tools they use, we all know hygiene is strongly related to education in this matter, and they can give you proper advice.

Every beautician has its own methods & tips for nail care and these are our tips for you to grow healthy nails:

1. Not Only Dry Your Hands, But Also Dry Your Nails

We dry our hands after we wash them but we don’t much pay attention to our nails, do we? When nails are not dried, it may increase the risk of nail diseases and may cause some disturbing aesthetic problems. Nails must be dried as well after washing our hands. It will ruin your nails if you keep them wet.

2. Use Gloves

If you tend to spend more time in the kitchen or any other thing that requires your hands in water, use gloves and moisturizer after that. Keeping your hands in gloves for a long time is also bad for your nails so having a break once in a while would be a great precaution to protect your nails.

3. Use Nail Brush

Yes, there are brushes for nails too. You don’t need to use that brush 3 times a day like a toothbrush, though. Once a day before going to bed would be enough. The purpose of brushing is to clean your nails from the dirt and the dead skin.

4. Do Not Grow Your Nails Too Much

If you want your nails long, they require more care than short nails. Trimming your nails make them stronger just like hairs, since they are both made of a protein called keratin. Keeping them longer also increases the risk of cracking and breaking.

5. Do Not Delay The Treatment

Even if it is strongly related to what you eat, nail cracking and breaking may also be caused by cosmetics. Some nail diseases may require surgery or some surgical procedures and some cosmetic products may hide the symptoms from you. So only use nail polish or related products when you really need them, you can remove the nail polish during weekends and see if there is a problem with your nails.

6. Pick The Right Products

Some patients are not allowed to use some of the cosmetics but as I said earlier, you may not even aware of that problem since there is always polish on your nails. People who are sensitive to acrylics or have wounds around the nails shouldn’t be using them. If you are going to keep your hands in water for too long, acrylic nail polishes wouldn’t be able to hold for too long.

Some of these substances may even trigger diseases like psoriasis, lichen planus and lupus. It is ill-advised to remove nail cuticles from people with psoriasis.

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