6 Habits You Need To Quit For Better Skin

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Just like diet mistakes can ruin your health, skincare mistakes can ruin your beauty and even cause permanent damage to your skin.

1. Using Magnifying Mirror

Magnifying mirrors can show you unnecessary details you don’t need to see. Most people are not able to see those details anyway and you end up spending too much time in front of the mirror. Using a magnifying mirror can easily turn into an obsession and later on, you’ll have to deal with the scars you caused while trying to pop imperceptible pimples.

2. Touching Your Face

You touch many surfaces and objects during the day but most of the time, you don’t pay attention how dirty those objects or surfaces are. Your face doesn’t have thick and durable skin like your hand, moreover; irritants and allergens that harmless for your hand may be dangerous for a fragile skin like you’re the skin of your face. The daily objects you use most like keyboard, phone, desk etc. may contain microorganism that cause infection when they come into contact with your openings on your skin like pimples.

3. Popping Pimples

Not only pimples, but also blackheads may cause scars when you pop them constantly and carelessly. That’s why you shouldn’t be taking risk while trying to remove them. Instead of popping them one at the time, prefer using a mask or pay more attention to your diet. There are many natural masks you can prepare at home for pimples and they prove better results than the ones you buy from stores.

4. Using The Wrong Facial Toner

Facial toners are special lotions that specialize in skin care. They contain refining and soothing agents as well as antiseptics. They are used to cleanse oil and dirt that pile up on your face during the day. They also remove the dead skin from your face, unclog the pores on your skin and make them smaller to prevent clogging later on.

There are several facial toners types and they are favorite skin care products of both men and women. If we consider the ingredients, we can say there are two kinds of facial toners; alcohol based toners and alcohol-free toners. Your skin type determines which type of toner you should be using on your face.

  • People with dry skin tend to have smaller pores and thinner sebum layer on their skin; therefore, they should be using alcohol-free toners.
  • People with oily skin have larger pores and they need to get rid of excess oil by using alcohol based toners.

Pimples are more common on oily skin so they need to use facial toner after they cleanse their skin with cleansing gel. People with combination skin can use alcohol based toners because their nose and forehead tend to be oilier than the rest of the skin but choosing a toner with less alcohol would be a better choice for combination skin.

5. Washing Your Face With Soap

Even if companies started to produce new kinds of soap with moisturizers or creams, some of them can be harmful when you use them for your face. Some of them contain chemicals and have extreme pH values which can harm your face when they are regularly used. The soap you use for washing your face should have pH value between 5.0 – 5.6 and contains moisturizer. If the soap you use make your skin extremely dry, your skin produces oil to protect itself from being harmed so change your soap if it makes your skin dry.

6. Using Skincare Products That Contain Allergens

You may try several different cosmetics before finding the proper products for your skin. Some of the products may not cause allergy at the beginning, they might cause problems over times. Some people have so fragile skin that almost any cosmetics can irritate their skin. If you are one of those people, you may try using natural products and home remedies instead.

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