6 Simple Tricks To Never Iron Again

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What is the most annoying household chore? For 39 percent of Americans, ironing is the undisputedly number one. We have 6 tips for you on how you can leave a neat and crease-free impression without ironing.

Although 39% of Americans consider ironing the most annoying household chore, they spend three hours a week at the ironing board. Not anymore! It is high time to maneuver the iron back into the storeroom. We have now put together 6 tips on how to look neat and crease-free without ironing:

1. Shake The Clothes

Ironing shirts and blouses in particular has already got on your nerves? Take drastic actions starting from today! Turn the spin cycle of your washing machine down to 800 revolutions – this is not only gentler on the textiles, but your clothes will come out of the drum moist and “malleable”. The decisive step here: shake out the damp clothes vigorously! Then hang up the clothes neatly, smoothly and without creases. So your laundry can dry smoothly!

2. Wonder Weapon – Tumble Dryer

The T-shirt should not only come out dry, but also wrinkle-free? You can do this with the following two tricks:

Option 1: Use Water

For those in a hurry, take a spray bottle and spray some water on wrinkled area. Then put the laundry in the dryer. After about 5 minutes your clothes will come out wrinkle-free and ready to go. Important point is to take the clothes straight out of the drum as soon as dryer stops – otherwise the creases will come back faster than you think.

Option 2: Use Ice

Put your T-shirt in the dryer along with a handful of ice cubes and let the machine work on the warmest setting for 5 minutes. As the ice cubes evaporates, vapor removes wrinkles same as the previous trick. Are water spots and wrinkles still visible? Let your clothes sit for 15 minutes and it will end up as smooth as Nicole Kidman’s face.

3. Don’t Have Any Dryer? Use Your Mattress

In conjunction with the “wrap” technique, the mattress is the perfect replacement for the iron. This is how it works:

1. Lay your favorite shirt flat on the bed.
2. Now turn the lower third inside out from right to left.
3. Now fold one side of the T-shirt to the middle and fold back the sleeve.
4. The second side is now folded to the other end of the shirt and also folded over so that the folded shape resembles a rectangle.
5. And now roll up – from top to bottom!
6. Last step: The folded end of the T-shirt is now put around the “wrap”.
Put this roll under the mattress and wait an hour. Finally, all you have to do is carefully unroll the “wrap”.

4. Humid Air

An important meeting is imminent and you are in a particularly hurry in the morning – but how do you get that white blouse wrinkle-free? This can be done easily while you get ready in the bathroom! Because the solution to your problem is: humid air! Hang the garment on a hanger near the shower or tub. Turn the water on hot so that water vapor can develop. Important point is to close the windows beforehand so that the moist air cannot escape. And voilà: after five to ten minutes your laundry is steamed smooth!

5. Hot, Hotter, Hair Dryer

It’s hard to believe, but what can blow-dry your hair can also be used to straighten up the clothes. To do this, spray some water from the spray bottle on the bumps – but do not soak it completely. If the wrinkled area of the cloth is moistened and hung on a hanger, then use the hair dryer as follows; hold it on the lowest setting and from a distance of five centimeters against the wrinkled areas. Once you get the nice and warm feeling, smooth it out by hand.

6. Magic Spray Bottle

Finally, a little magic trick for smooth T-shirts: Mix one part vinegar with three parts warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the T-shirt over a large area from a distance of roughly 30 centimeters. Once it has dried, you will see that the wrinkles are all gone. Pure magic. PS: As long as you mix vinegar with warm water, your clothes will not stink after the spray treatment.

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