How To Speed Clean Your House Just Within 20 Minutes

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Almost everyone knows the situation: Friends or even the in-laws have unexpectedly announced, but the apartment looks chaotic. Now everything has to be put in order in a hurry. With our tips, you can do it in 20 minutes.

Ventilation Works Wonders – Time Needed: 10 Seconds

Fresh air can make your guests feel at home right away. Nothing is worse than the smell of burnt onions from the previous evening still hanging in the apartment. So, your first step is to open all the windows and properly ventilate the apartment. And don’t forget to close the windows after ten minutes. Most guests don’t like a cold apartment either.

Laundry Basket As A Miracle Weapon – Time Needed: 3 Minutes

How To Speed Clean Your House Just Within 20 Minutes -
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The windows are open, now it’s time to clear away all the bits and pieces that accumulate in normal everyday life. To do this, arm yourself with a laundry basket and go through all the rooms with it. Everything that disturbs your eye, such as old socks or cookie packets lying on the floor, go into the basket, which you then take to a room that is not entered by guests. Even in a one-room apartment you can find a hidden corner where you can store your laundry basket.

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Cleaning The Bathroom – Time Needed: 6 Minutes

The bathroom is your next stop. First, you spread a generous amount of sanitary cleaner in the toilet. That’s where you’ll find the most stubborn stains. While you’re cleaning the bathroom, the toilet cleaner has plenty of time to soak in. Then it’s the mirror’s turn, because many guests like to admire their likeness in the mirror. With a glass cleaner, it will be sparkling clean in no time.

Once the mirror is clean, clean the sink and faucets underneath. The quickest way to do this is with a household cloth and the glass cleaner you already used for the mirror. Now put the bathroom garbage into a large garbage bag, which will also be used for the garbage in the kitchen. Finally, clean the toilet with a toilet brush and flush everything down with the sanitary cleaner.

Cleaning The Kitchen – Time Required: 7 Minutes

Many apartments today have an open kitchen, which is very hospitable, but also presents you with the task of still quickly cleaning the kitchen. The dirty dishes go into the dishwasher. You don’t have a dishwasher? Then put them in the oven. It serves as an “intermediate layer” for time reasons. Now all that’s left to do is clean the stove.

The quickest way to remove coarse dirt is with a metal scraper. Since it has to be done quickly, you can clean up afterwards with the soft side of a wet sponge to which you have added a few drops of dishwashing liquid. The garbage from the kitchen now also goes into the large garbage bag, which you can now hurriedly dispose of in the garbage can outside.

Clear The Wardrobe For Guests’ Jackets – Time Needed: 2 Minutes

Back in the apartment, you now have time to clear the coat rack so that your guests can hang jackets or scarves there.

The Finishing Touches – Time Needed: 2 Minutes

Two minutes is all you need to put the finishing touches on your apartment. Sofa cushions are fluffed and woolen blankets are neatly folded. Now spread a few pretty magazines on the side table – and your apartment will look like something out of a catalog.

By the way, if you don’t get everything done, that’s no problem either. Guests who announce themselves only 20 minutes in advance have to put up with small imperfections.

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