Should You Wash Clothes Before Wearing Them For The First Time?

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Did you also get new clothes for the upcoming season or receive them as a gift? Or is that brand-new party dress already hanging in your closet, just waiting to be put on for the first time? Then there’s one thing you should definitely do before slipping into the new wardrobe.

Wash Before Wearing

It is important to wash your clothes before wearing them for the first time and this is because all kinds of chemical substances such as dyes and additives are used in the production of clothing. Residues of these substances sometimes remain in the textile and would come into direct contact with the skin without washing. For some people this may not have any consequences however, those with sensitive skin may experience allergic reactions such as itching, rashes or pustules.

Basically, new clothes should have been put in the washing machine before they are worn for the first time. It is also worth taking a look at the care instructions: If it says that an item of clothing should be washed separately, this is a clear indication that it contains dyes or other substances to which the skin could be sensitive. Laundry that is crease-free or non-iron is also chemically treated and should be washed first.

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