With This Trick, You Can Easily Clean Your Washing Machine

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How to clean your washing machine in no time? Discover an easy trick that will cleanse and disinfect washing machine at the same time.

Do you wash your sink when you’re done with the dishes? The same logic applies to your washing machine. If you want to have clean, stain-free laundry all year round, it is essential to maintain your machine. And that also means cleaning it often, inside and out. Sometimes an empty ride with towels can be enough to clean everything, and sometimes it is not. Let me explain how to optimally clean your washing machine.

The Easy Way To Clean Your Washing Machine

To clean your washing machine easily, there is a simple and natural trick. You just need to run it empty for a few minutes. But before that, fill it with 1 liter of household white vinegar. Close the window and start a cycle at 90°C. The vinegar will clean the machine thoroughly and disinfect it. Be aware that below 90 ° C, there is little chance that the bacteria will die, so the chosen temperature is important. Perform this cleaning once or twice a year on average to sanitize your machine and prevent lime deposits, mold, the proliferation of bacteria and especially the bad odors. If all these stuffs already settled in your machine, they will undoubtedly be transferred to your clean clothes during the wash cycle.

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With This Trick, You Can Easily Clean Your Washing Machine

How To Properly Clean The Drum?

For regular drum maintenance, the trick is the same. Dip a towel in white vinegar and clean the sides of the drum to remove dirt, bacteria and odors. It will only take a few minutes and will easily remove all those minor inconveniences that can damage your clothes. If there are any stuck-on residues, you can add baking soda to your vinegar. Wait until it foams and then take the paste that forms and scrub it off. You can run an empty cycle afterwards to rinse with water if you like.

How To Properly Clean The Detergent Drawer?

Often forgotten in the household, the detergent drawer gets dirty very quickly. And for good reason, piles of liquid and powdered detergent, fabric softener and other laundry products accumulate and stick inside. Most of them are removable, so feel free to take them out and put them in a basin for washing. You can simply wash them with a detergent or household soap. If that’s not enough, a mixture of boiling water and white vinegar should easily remove all the products from it. All that’s left to do is dry it and put it back in its place.

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