8 Proven Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive

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When it comes to relationships, you might think it couldn’t be explained by science but on the contrary, there are more factors that affect love and emotions than you could imagine. There are many types of research on how men get attracted by women and on which conditions women can impress men.

1. The First Impression

The first thing you should be careful about is the first impression. When you meet someone for the first time, the person you meet decides what you are and what kind of personality you have. The communication has increased over the century and people have no time to think for someone twice. When they decide something, this judgment likely stuck with you for the rest of your life.

So how can you use this information? If you are going to meet someone for the first time, it will be wise to wear makeup, perfume and the best clothes you have. Try to smile and be polite, even if you are not that kind of person, you can convince them otherwise.

2. Your Lips Are More Important Than You Know

Forget about your body because that’s not the first thing men pay attention when they see you. A research conducted by the University of Manchester says the lips are the most important thing that men find attractive. When you think about celebrities like Angeline Jolie or Scarlett Johansson, you can approve the result of the research. Especially pink and red lips can help you to steal the spotlight.

3. Strong Eye Contact

If you think the only thing eyes can do is to see, you are wrong because eye contact is a strong indicator of confidence. The people who can influence people and crowds are able to make strong eye contact. The first step of persuading someone is showing them you are trustworthy and avoiding eye contact is not something trustworthy people will do.

However, you should know when to look someone in the eye and when to avoid it. If you are directly communicating with someone like listening or talking, it is preferable to maintain eye contact. However, if you are trying to maintain eye contact with someone you have just met, you can create unnecessary rivalry or even worse.

4. Smile Like An Emoji

Most people can detect if your smile is genuine or not. It may feel like an instinct but there is a reason behind that too. If your smile is fake, only your lips will smile but if you are really smiling or have the ability to imitate a sincere smile, you almost close your eyes because genuine smile would start with your eyes. You have more chance to attract someone if you are smiling but the same thing cannot be said if you have a cold facial expression with a cold attitude.

5. Keep Your Teeth White

I guess there was no need to research the relation between white teeth and the attractiveness. Since you have to smile to be more attractive, you need to be careful what you show to other people as you smile. If you are not getting too close, keeping them white would be enough but if you are waiting for a collision, you know what I mean, you also need to make your breath smell good. Chewing a mint leaves or cloves will come in handy if you don’t have the time or the opportunity to brush your teeth all the time.

6. Raise Your Voice

Your voice is another factor which can make you sexier. The Researches say women with higher-pitched voices are perceived to have thinner and sexier body. The last two factor is directly affected by smoking; smoking not only makes your teeth yellow but also makes your voice lower-pitched and more masculine.

7. Use Your Body Language

If you are interested in someone, there are certain ways to tell or at least give hints which can make things a lot easier. Leaning towards someone, running fingers through your hair, exposing your wrist, resting your head on your hand or pointing your feet towards someone means you want to communicate. You don’t need to worry about controlling your body language to give messages because your emotions have an effect on your moves, that’s the idea of body language. However, understanding the body language can help you decipher people’s intention while having a simple conversation.

8. Red Always Wins

The color has the power of persuasion and companies are using colors to manipulate the mind of their customers. In a research, they showed the same picture of the same woman with the same dress. The woman had the same pose for two of the pictures but she was wearing a red dress in one of the pictures and she was wearing a blue dress in the other picture. The participants love the one with a red dress because they find it sexually more attractive. If you are going to make a first impression, you should definitely go with red.

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