Parsley Cure For Fatigue

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Urban life consumes our energy, because of air pollution, low quality of air and noise pollution; fatigue seems inevitable. There are many reasons of fatigue yet this cure may solve your problem. Also doing exercises will increase the amount of air you take, so even if air quality is not good enough for you, doing exercises just after you get up will prepare you for the next day.


  • A bunch of parsley
  • 1 lemon


Grind 15 sprigs of parsley in a blender and add two tablespoons lemon juice into it. Lemon must be fresh and you must squeeze it freshly before every cure. After blending it, add nearly 1/2 cup water but the important point is water must not be a tap water which likely contains chlorine. After adding water, blend the mixture.


Drink this mixture fifteen minutes before breakfast and you must prepare fresh mixture every day. Follow this cure for 15 days and then have five days break and then 15 days more. You can repeat this cure few times a year.

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