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Before we start you should know that you must visit a dentist once every six months (at least once a year). Your teeth may seem okay but you can’t see the most fragile part of your teeth and it is possible that you have cavities you don’t know about. Cavities may seem smaller from outside, maybe a little point but it can grow from inside. Small problems that can be handled with small operations may grow bigger if you don’t make regular visits to your dentist.

If you haven’t tried dental floss yet, then maybe it is time. If you want to see the real benefit of using floss, use it after brushing your teeth. So you can see there are many things left between your teeth even after brushing them. Another problem with teeth is tartar, which includes Hydroxyapatite or Fluorapatite. Since it has hydroxide structure, acidic structure will disintegrate it easily. Tartar generally located on lower jaw teeth. Dentists disintegrate tartar with mechanical way, but this cure will do it naturally.


  • Lemon


Squeeze lemon and obtain its juice.


One way to do it is keeping the lemon juice in your mouth for 15 minutes and brushing your teeth after the cure. Another way to do it is slicing lemon and keeping this slice in your mouth, especially keep the slices at diseased parts. You must do that twice a day and continue doing for 10 days. Do not eat or drink after that cure, but since you will apply this cure twice a day, one in the morning and another before going bed would be great. So apply this cure after breakfast and try to avoid eating until lunch. If you are very sensitive to lemon you can also apply this cure with strawberries; puree strawberries using a fork or a spoon and apply same directions above. Watermelon and sour apple are also helpful for getting rid of tartar. When you are eating hard fruits like apple, don’t chop it, eat taking bites; it makes natural massage to your teeth.

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