White Cabbage: The Healthiest Vegetable

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Prof. Saracoğlu thinks that “if I have to sort the best 5 vegetables for human health, first three of them would be white cabbage, other two would be broccoli and celeriac.” White cabbage is a versatile vegetable. After using cabbage cure for a couple of days, you may notice many changes in your body. It has lots of active substances like vitamin U, diindolylmethane, isothiocyanate, glucoiberin, folacin and crocetin.

It Is Effective Against Cellulite

It can also be used to prevent and remove cellulite. It detoxes your body, it means you can get rid of toxins in your body,even toxins piled up in adipose tissue (fatty tissue). Food contamination is one of the biggest problems of our generation. Even if it seems you are eating natural foods, you may take toxins in your body. Cabbage evoke biotransformation mechanism and remove the toxins in our body. It also helps to lower the blood sugar of diabetes patiens, since some of them are not able to lower blood sugar even if they take medicine. It can help chemotherapy and radiotheraphy patients to regain their strength. It prevents colon cancer; if you have colon cancer patiens within your first-degree ralatives, it is recommended to use cabbage cure once a year. No matter what cabbage cure you use, you will benefit from its antioxidant hormone balancing property. Especially for women with broken cappilaries in legs and lower-legs, this cure is the best preventive. I would like to remind that every cure for diseases (stated above) have different preparation and application method.

It Regulates Blood Sugar

If there is a risk to be diabetes or if you warned by your doctor about diabetes, you may use cabbage cure to regulate and lower blood sugar. Spring fatigue may be caused by undernutrition or vascular disorders, white cabbage cure can also relieve your tiredness. You may use this cure for 15 days and twice a year in order to prevent upcoming diseases and problems.

About The Cure

This cure can be used for hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and regulating circulation.

Boil 4 cups water in a large pot. After boiling, add 7-8 white cabbage leaves and lower the heat. Do not cut the leaves into pieces and add leaves into the pot as a whole. Continue boiling at a low heat for 10 minutes. While boiling, you must be careful about keeping leaves in the water and to do that may use a wooden spoon. Filter the cure after letting it cool, drink 3/2 cups (1 and a half) of the cure. Use this cure before meals or 1 hour after meals. It will be more effective if you can drink it before meals on an empty stomach.

You don’t need to eat boiled leaves. You must use this cure for 5-6 days and you must use freshly prepared cure every day. If you are having trouble drinking this cure before every meal, you may extend over a whole day by drinking half cup of cure. If you are diabetes patient, it will be wise to use this cure 4 times a year. I also want to remind that this cure can be used for support, you must not neglect your visit to a doctor if you are dealing with diabetes or any other serious disease.”

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