Onion Cure For Earache

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cc: David Griffen

Most people think earache can only be seen in children but this problem is popular among teenagers and matures too. Most common reason of this disease is otitis media and otitis externa; smoking, sinus infection and cold. Also, there are other minor reasons like allergies, barotrauma, wax and dental abscess. This cure is one of the popular cure of Prof. İbrahim Saracoglu for earaches.


  • Onion
  • Cotton Buds (Optional)


Squeeze the onion in order to get its juice.


There are two ways to apply this cure. You may drip single drop of onion juice of your ear. The Important point is you must drip single drop, no more. You can also rub onion juice to your ear with cotton buds. I recommend using cotton bud because if you are alone at home while applying this cure, you may not be able to adjust single drop, it is easy to apply this cure with cotton buds.

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