This Pasta Mistake Causes Pasta To Stick

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We love pasta – but it always happens that we have to fish it sticky out of the pot. With a simple trick, that will never happen again.

Are you tired of sticky gummy noodles? The solution to the riddle: a large pot! This can be easily explained with the processes that take place in cooking. As soon as you put a food in boiling water, the temperature of the water in the pot will drop. Now if you add a large portion of pasta to a small amount of boiling water, it will stop boiling completely. That changes the cooking process – and unfortunately also the consistency of your pasta: The noodles become sticky and rubbery.

Add oil in the water loosens the stickiness of your pasta, but then the sauce does not adhere to it as well – a shame!

So next time use a really large pot with plenty of hot water – and remember when cooking pasta: pasta has to float!

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