Why Food Blogs Are So Darn Successful?

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Did you know there are 570 million blogs online? According to blogging statistics, around 7 million blog posts were published today! There are so many platforms to blog on, from Medium to Wix, and the number of active bloggers doesn’t seem to drop.

These bloggers write about anything. They review movies, write stories, share personal success, or blog about finances and business. The main thing that separates a blog from the other is its niche. Blogging niche determines how the blog will be monetized and what success it can achieve.

Among the sea of sentences talking about books, money, and fame, there’s a blogging niche that seems to be more successful than others.


There’s no doubt you visited a food blog at least once in your life when you needed a recipe for those tasty tacos.

However, your need to visit is only a small part of the list of reasons that make food blogs successful.

What Is A Food Blog?

Simply put, food blogs are websites that showcase recipes, preparation, food category, or even a type of blogger. For example, food blogs can cover vegan recipes written by a busy mother. Food blogs share many similarities with other niches, such as necessary SEO optimization, fast-loading website, social media pages, and similar.

What makes a food blog different is the search intent.

If a food blog answers the search intent of a hungry reader, it fulfilled its purpose.

What’s The Purpose Of A Food Blog?

To answer this question, we must briefly take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Why Food Blogs Are So Darn Successful -
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Notice that food is at the base of the triangle. It’s literally the basic need of humans, besides air, water, shelter, sleep, clothing, and reproduction. Food nourishes our bodies and keeps us healthy. It provides existence, and in some ways, can be used as a medicine.

However, today, the role of food in our lives is slightly different than centuries ago. Now, food acts as a social instrument. We’re surrounded by food at all times and that’s exactly what makes it even more important.

Combining the everlasting presence of food with our busy lives, we conclude that we should do whatever in our power to obtain healthy meals.

This is where food bloggers come into the picture.

They have replaced cookbooks and aunt’s box of handwritten instructions on how to make an apple pie.

Food bloggers and their magical description of the last meal they made are available at all times with the power of the Internet. Their main purpose is to show us that we too can prepare healthy meals and spend less time and money while doing it.

What Makes Food Blogs Successful?

Of course, this is just one of the main reasons that food blogs are super successful. Other reasons include their tasty photos, attractive and easy recipes, and huge interest in the niche community.

1. People Love Food

As we already mentioned, there will always be a need for food blogs, just like there will always be the need to eat. Food is one of the basic human needs and we have developed so much that it goes beyond that. Today, people crave bigger, tastier, and funnier stuff to eat. With food blogs, they can have it, in the comfort of their home.

2. Possibility To Be Authentic

It might seem hard to achieve, but food bloggers can definitely show their authenticity and voice through their recipes. There are so many types of food and a food blogger from New Orleans will never “sound” like the food blogger from New York. Even if those two were to make food based on the same recipe, how they’d describe the process would be completely different.

3. Freedom To Post Personal Recipes

There are many food bloggers who are doing great in the kitchen and love to experiment. They’ll post the successful experiments on their food blogs and attract visitors who need and want to make something new. Personal recipes have a soul, and people can’t wait to share the experience of making such food, especially if the recipe has been in the family for decades.

4. Personality

Food bloggers can shine through their websites. There’s so much to put out that it often feels like we know the person behind the recipes. They can showcase their personality not only through writing but through images as well.

5. Attractive, Appetizing Photos

Why Food Blogs Are So Darn Successful -
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Photos of food can make a food blog super successful, and boost blog visits. Why are photos essential? People need to see how thick the dough is and how brown it should be when it’s done baking. By posting photographs of their meals, food bloggers are helping people achieve their goals – create the food based on the recipe.

6. Chance To Showcase A Personal Journey

If someone just started learning how to cook, a food blog can be a great way to share their journey. New cooks will be passionate about their blogs and enjoy writing, which brings success. People want to see that someone can start from scratch and make the food magic happen. It makes them feel as if they can do it as well.

7. Niche Community

Food gathers people, and food blogs gather communities around them. This is especially important if the blog is niched down. This helps food bloggers reach their target audience through social media, and show what they can make. There’s nothing better than a solid community of visitors who can’t wait for the new recipe to drop.

8. Various Keyword Optimization Options

Each recipe is a post, meaning that there are many keyword optimization options to bring visitors in. Depending on the specific niche, food bloggers can achieve that sweet spot of a blog post that’s long enough to get traction but specific enough to provide information.

9. Monetization Options

Why Food Blogs Are So Darn Successful -
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There are so many monetization options for a food blog available today. Besides the standard ones, like ads and sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing, successful food bloggers can write and publish a cookbook with ease. Since they’re already famous for their blogs, they might even aim for a Food Network competition. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to play around with Guy Fieri in GGG?

Final Word

Our relationship with food became more than just survival. We see food as something that keeps people together and feeds more than our stomachs. This is the main reason that food blogs, with their skilled chefs, are successful. Those food bloggers who know what they’re doing have a strong community, a well-optimized blog, superb photography, and are not afraid of getting their voice out. Taking all this into account shows that food blogs will always have a special place in our hearts.

Contributor: Mileva Stankovic
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