10 Tips To Get Ready For Fall

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Like soil need to get ready for the new harvest, we need to take precautions to get rid of laziness and slackness before starting a new school or employment term. Because many people suffer from stress and insomnia after finishing summer holiday and starting their casual labor.

How to Get Ready for Fall

1. First of all, before proceeding to intense rush, like athletes warming up to get ready for a match, we need to get used to waking up early. Starting the day early gets our chores finished in a breeze and provides us lively mood during all day.

2. It’s time to start gathering up and packing away your summer clothes and make room for winter clothes. Do it while still you have time, it will be hard to do these things after you start going school or work.

3. Since extreme temperatures are getting away, it will be convenient to go for a walk in the evening. Also, these walks are vital for blood circulation and heart. Moreover, our digestive system works effectively during and after these walks and that prepares us for healthy winter.

4. Vitamin-rich winter foods like citrus, carrot, broccoli, squash, Brussels sprout, cauliflower, mandarin, watercress and arugula are important for the immune system. Since these months are dangerous in terms of diseases, nutrition in winter takes precedence over nutrition in summer.

5. Water consumption in winter is as important as nutrition. If you were consuming any other fizzy drinks instead of water, you need to get rid of them. You can’t go outside and burn calories in winter like you used to in summer. Extreme amount of tea and coffee is also bad for health, especially if you are using sugar. Try to satisfy your tea and coffee need with water.

6. Protein is a vital nutrient in these months because it is important for tissue growth and repair, so it should be always in stock. They also protect us from infections. Especially foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, egg, meat, chicken and fish are the best protein sources.

7. The oil we use while cooking is important for preventing infections and diseases. Some fatty acids and their sources:
Vegetable oil and corn oil: omega-6-fatty acid.
Seafood: omega-3-fatty acid.
Hazelnut and olive oil: omega-3-fatty acid.
These fatty acids have curative and booster effect in our immune system.

8. While we are implementing these changes in our lives, we must have a strong digestive system. In order to recover our digestive system from laziness, we have to quit eating ice-cream and milk puddings in these months.

9. In order to digest nutrients like protein, fat and vitamins; we have to improve our digestive system and quit eating snacks. According to researches, experiencing hunger for 12 hours in the evening improve our digestive system and extend our life as well.

10. Another important thing about being healthy is sleep. If we get up early, we have to compensate it by going bed early. Ordinary people sleep 7-8 hours a day but as a general rule, rise with the sun. So don’t stay up late and calibrate your sleep with the sunrise.

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