How To Overcome Social Anxiety

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If you embrace the fact that you have a social anxiety, it is time to overcome it. If you can’t express yourself clearly in social life, can’t start social relations and maintain them, don’t feel confident, always criticize yourself and feel too much excitement while talking with others, you may have social anxiety but don’t worry, you can overcome it.

Many people having difficulties with sharing this problem with others and they can’t call for help because of the same reason. People with this problem usually try to avoid social environment and don’t communicate with others and that makes social anxiety worse.

Social Anxiety Affect Social Life Negatively

People with social anxiety always thinks that others are more successful with doing things and they think they couldn’t succeed anything important so far. They don’t appreciate themselves and when they get into a social life, they think everybody is looking at them and thinking about negative things. They don’t believe themselves and when communicating with others, they suppose others will make fun of their appearance or speech. Because of that reason, they always avoid social life and social environment.

This anxiety sometimes causes physical symptoms like the increase in pulse or breathing, sweating, shaking, stiffness in muscles, discomfort in stomach and blushing. These symptoms are nothing to do with physical conditions but people fill their mind with negative thoughts and they can’t control themselves even if they know it is meaningless. They don’t take active positions in business life and their emotional relations are a failure.

How To Achieve

Even if it seems impossible, you can overcome that curse. There are two different methods and you can choose either of them. Some people like to work alone and they don’t have any BFF, they can choose cowboy method. But if you have friends you can trust, and if they are social unlike you, you hit the jackpot.

1. Cowboy Method

It is known that fears can be conquered by facing them, well good guess; social anxiety is also a fear. So go for it. People don’t have much time to observe you, do they? If you are not wearing a Lady Gaga costume, they definitely don’t have anything to spy on. Look at the mirror before leaving your room and after that, don’t even think about negative things. If you are having difficulties with talking, try to speak slowly and try to think something else while talking in the beginning. For example try to think about your old house, old pet. Don’t try to make jokes if you are having trouble with expressing yourself, don’t try to run without walking.

The best way to blend in is asking questions. Let’s assume that you embraced my advice and try to blend in and they surround you and you realize slight shaking because everybody is looking at you right now; choose one of them and ask a question. But ask something logical, you can prepare questions beforehand. When you ask a question, people will turn their gazes away and you will definitely feel confidence. But don’t brag about anything as soon as you feel confident, that’s for losers and you are not one of them.

2. Sidekick Method

If you have social friends and they are willing to help you, use them. Try to watch them and grab the way they act. If they can do it, you can do it too. After a couple of times, probably you can do as they do, or maybe you can do better than that. If you are not in the mood, you can watch something funny; after you smile, everything will change within your body, that is the first step of being happy; and when you are happy, you are ready to hang out with your master (your social friend).

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