How To Turn Your Pessimism Into Happiness With 10 Easy Steps

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Most people would probably agree that being nice to others is not only extremely important, but should be one of our top priorities in life. However, I wonder how many people actually make a conscious and continuous effort to encourage and spread joy to others. I know I often completely forget to!

I imagine that many of the reasons we avoid the task is because we feel it will take too much time out of our already busy lives, or use some of the energy that we are preserving for the million and one things that we need to do that day.

In this post, I am going to provide a few ideas of ways you can be nice to people and spread some happiness, without taking up much of your precious time and energy, in the hope that if we all make the decision to carry out some of these, we can help inject a little bit of joy into people’s lives, which can make more of a difference than you would ever think!

1. Smile

It is amazing how much difference such a tiny gesture can make to someone’s day. It is such an easy task, yet really could cheer someone up or be exactly what someone was needing at that time.

2. Show Interest

If you’re in a situation where you’re going to be spending more than a few seconds with someone (such as paying at a till or standing in a queue with someone) why not ask them how their day is going? It is such a small thing, but often just the knowledge that someone cares can be enough to completely change the mindset or mood of another person.

3. Offer Help

This is similar to the last point, but if you see someone struggling, in whatever way, it really will not take much of your time to assist them a little bit. If it turns out the task they are struggling with requires more time or ability than you can offer, do what you can and I’m sure they will be grateful.

4. Speaking/Acting With Respect

This is another super easy one, which I’m sure a lot of us do without thinking about it anyway, but often all it takes is to simply show respect to someone. Just small things like saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, or saying ‘excuse me’ etc. can really make a difference. It’s often considered basic manners, but I think that when someone treats you with complete respect it can be really encouraging.

5. Interactions On Social Media

A really easy way to spread joy is to interact with people on social media platforms. It can be as easy as liking/retweeting someone’s tweet or commenting on someone’s instagram and blog. Again, it’s often just their knowledge that someone is thinking of them and appreciating what they are doing that can really make someone’s day.

6. Compliments

It makes me feel a little guilty when I think about how little I actually make the effort to compliment someone, especially face-to-face. It’s a bit ridiculous the amount of times a day I’ll think about how much I like someone’s outfit, or love their makeup, or think that they seem really nice, but just never actually tell what I’m thinking. I know that when someone has complimented me on something it has always completely improved my mood and made me feel so much better about myself, so I’m sure it would have the same effect on others too!

7. Encouragement

If you see someone attempting to do something, or struggling with something, it really does not take much time to just say a couple of words of encouragement, and this could really lift their spirits and give them the motivation and boost that they need.

8. Keep Negative Opinions To Yourself

I think that when we see something we don’t like or don’t agree with, it can be so easy to start talking about your opinions, whether it be to the person you disagree with, or to others behind the persons’ back. However, these kinds of comments can really hurt someone’s feeling and knock their confidence, so I think one thing it can be really good to do is to just leave it. Unless what they are doing is hurting others or is being offensive, it’s often much nicer to just not say anything. I did a post on my blog about Gossiping if you would like to read more about the topic!

9. Listen

If someone has an issue or something they are worrying about, sometimes the nicest thing you can do is just be there for them and listen. It will not take much of your time and effort but will really benefit them.

10. Support

I think a really simple way to show people your appreciation for them, or the work they do, is to support whatever they are doing. Whether this be encouraging them, interacting with their work, or financially supporting them (if you are in a situation which allows you to do so), supporting others is such a good way of spreading some happiness.

These are a few ideas I have come up with, but if you have any more feel free to comment them down below so other people can see them.

You will probably have noticed some key themes throughout these points! Basically, show people you respect, support and care for them, and it can make the world a happier place.

Don’t forget that when people receive kindness, often their immediate reaction will be to spread the joy to someone else, so although your actions may seem small and slightly insignificant, they could make a much bigger impact than you could ever think.

I really hope this post will have encouraged you to spread a little bit of joy into someone’s life whenever you can. We live in a world where there is so much hurt and suffering, but sometimes small acts of kindness can make a huge difference.

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