12 Things You Didn’t Know Your Toothpaste Could Do

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1. Soothing Mosquito Bites

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If you put small amount of toothpaste on the bite, it can relieve itch and swelling.

2. Whitening Nails

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If your nails turning yellow because of smoking, you can use toothpaste to whiten them. Just put a small amount of your nails that you want to whiten and wash your hands after 10 minutes. You can increase its effect by brushing your nails with an old toothbrush.

3. Cleaning Cast Iron Pans

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If cast iron pans have stubborn stains that you cannot remove by washing them, you can brush them using a toothpaste and see what happens.

4. Whitening Sneakers

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Not just sneakers actually, you can also whiten all kinds of shoe sole if it is white. Use an old brush and small amount of toothpaste, be sure to wet the toothbrush to make it more effective.

5. Removing Redness And Swelling Of Pimples

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To make this work, you need to pop your pimples before you go to bed. But as you know, you can see red and swollen pimple when you wake up. To prevent this, put a small amount of toothpaste on the pimple you popped and let the magic works.

6. Preventing Goggles From Fogging

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Apply toothpaste both inside and outside of your goggles and rinse them with water.

7. Polishing Silver

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Silver rings, earrings and jewelry tend to lose their brightness after a while. Not only cigarette ash but also toothpaste can be used as polish if you have any silver jewelries. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush will prevent scratches on the jewelries.

8. Removing Onion And Garlic Smell From Hands

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Use a toothpaste instead of soap to get rid of these bad smells from your hand.

9. Removing Permanent Marker And Crayon Marks From Walls

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Can’t stop your child from painting your walls? You can remove permanent marker and crayon from your walls using a toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste on those marker or crayon marks and rub it using a wet cloth. It can clean marks from any color but works perfectly if your walls are white.

10. Making Faucets Shiny

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Water stains can be persistent but not persistent as a toothpaste. Use an old toothbrush to brush the faucets thoroughly.

11. Cleaning & Polishing Foggy Headlights

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Even if it seems like a scratch and cannot be removed, it actually requires a simple step like wiping it with a toothpaste using a wet cloth.

12. Removing Burn Marks From Iron

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Yes, it can even remove burn marks from iron, no wonder it can whiten your teeth, right?

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