15 Extremely Useful Websites That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

You are currently viewing 15 Extremely Useful Websites That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier
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1. Privnote

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Write and send notes for anyone. The note destroys itself once the user reads the note so only a single person can read your note.

Click here to visit Privnote

2. Supercook

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You have no idea what to cook but you want to cook the best with the ingredients you have – that’s the website you were looking for. Add all the ingredients you have and Supercook will give you the list of recipes you can do with the ingredients you have.

Click here to visit Supercook

3. Coffitivity

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While some people need an absolute silence to relax their mind, some of them don’t want to feel alone at home. That’s not the case with coffitivity – listen ambient sound of a café anywhere you like.

Click here to visit Coffitivity

4. Gifs

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This website convert YouTube videos to GIFs faster than Giphy because users don’t have to wait tons of GIFs to load first.

Click here to visit Gifs

5. Ninite

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Do you have to format your computer or just bought a new one? You can download and install all necessary software with one click.

Click here to visit Ninite

6. Copy Paste Character

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You don’t need to know alt codes to create special characters. This website allows you to copy all kinds of special character just by clicking on them.

Click here to visit Copy Paste Character

7. Duolingo

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This website is probably your best option to learn a foreign language without enrolling a course and paying a penny.

Click here to visit Duolingo

8. Squirt

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Did you know you can read a lot faster than your current speed? Average readers read between 120 and 200 words per minute but Squirt can make you read more than 450 words per minute, which is twice as fast without training.

Click here to visit Squirt

9. Should I Remove It?

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Some PC programs are just pain in the neck and cause trouble but you may not know which programs are causing trouble and use your CPU without making anything. This website (actually a program you need to download) help you decide which programs are garbage and waste of CPU.

Click here to visit Should I Remove It

10. Print Friendly

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Some websites are just designed in crappy way that you can’t print them properly even if you want to. This website removes crappy formatting from websites and lets you download in a simplified format.

Click here to visit Print Friendly

11. Old Version

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Don’t you like the latest update of the program? Can’t you find the previous version? Now you can.

Click here to visit Old Version

12. Print What You Like

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Instead of printing the whole website, which waste valuable ink and paper, print only the part you like of a website or a webpage.

Click here to visit Print What You Like

13. Free Cycle

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Some people are just givers and they don’t want anything in return. This website allows you to find these people in your city/town.

Click here to visit Free Cycle

14. Couch Surfing

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This website organizes events and brings people together all over the world. If you don’t have any social life except Facebook, which is definitely not a social life, you can join real life events and get to know new people around the world.

Click here to visit Couch Surfing

15. Simply Noise

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Even if its name contains “noise”, this website (it also has apps on App Store and Google Play) helps people sleep easier by making relaxing sounds. It also has a timer so you don’t have to wake up and close the app.

Click here to visit Simply Noise

16. Camel Camel Camel

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Prices on Amazon sometimes rise and sometimes drop. If you don’t want to waste your valuable time on Amazon and wait prices to drop, you can leave it to this website. It also even alerts you when prices drop.

Click here to visit Camel Camel Camel

17. PTable

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Do you remember your worst nightmare when you were in high school? Yes, I am talking about periodic table. You wish you knew this website when you were high school – it teaches you everything about periodic table in a non-crappy way.

Click here to visit PTable

18. Scribble Maps

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Draw the address on Google Maps and share with anyone. You can literally draw and explain directions on Google Maps.

Click here to visit Scribble Maps

19. Mailvu

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Record yourself and send video emails without needing any third-party application.

Click here to visit Mailvu

20. Rhymer

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Awaken your inner poet and don’t you ever waste your valuable time for finding rhyme, let this website do it for you.

Click here to visit Rhymer

21. We Transfer

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Send gigantic files (up to 2 GB) for free. If you don’t want to waste space from your Google Drive, use this service instead.

Click here to visit We Transfer

22. UnFurlr

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Nowadays, people are using short links to spread spam or make you download viruses to infect your computer. If you are really desperate to click those links, let this website check first and see which URL is behind that short URL.

Click here to visit UnFurlr

23. PDF Escape

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If you don’t want to pay Adobe to edit your PDF files, use this online PDF editor.

Click here to visit PDF Escape

24. Project Naptha

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You don’t need to know how to use Photoshop to remove or edit text from images. This website uses “state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms” to edit, highlight and remove the texts from images.

Click here to visit Project Naptha

25. Namechk

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If you are going to start a website/blog, this website will really come in handy. It can simultaneously check for domain name and username availability at all websites.

Click here to visit Namechk

26. Maildrop

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Quick and disposable email address to let you sign up at websites. You can also check the inbox of this disposable email address in case any of them want you to confirm your email address.

Click here to visit Maildrop

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