10 Ways To Make Him Love You Even More

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Is he one of a kind? No man would ever replace him? If this great guy is in love with you, you really want to keep his love and make him love you even more. But how to do it?

1. When You Can Make Him Laugh

Marilyn Monroe once said: “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything, anything.” The same applies to men. Of course, some of the ladies already tough guy, as they like, but if the fun at the same time – it is more humane.

2. When You Fall Asleep On His Shoulder

This item can be safely included in the “Top 5 things that guys would call charming” (although the guys almost do not use the word “charming”).

3. When You Offer Your Sweater On A Cold Evening

This romantic gest is usually performed by men but who said women can’t utilize this handful weapon as well? Even offering something as small as a scarf would do the trick.

4. When He Wakes Up Next To You At Night

At night, out of nowhere, he wakes up, lies, admires and understands how lucky he is. Just be sure not to sleep messy – you wouldn’t want him to see you covered in drool.

5. When You First Hang Out All Day In Bed

Because if you were able to spend 24 hours together and not get bored – you go from the state of “something afoot” to “Oh we’re a couple now”. Don’t try to test this method too much because you might actually grow tired of each other.

6. When You Meet After A Long Separation

Parting makes the meeting sweeter. It’s just true.

7. When You Bring It To A Magnificent Orgasm

It is said, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But you can go the other way around.

8. If You Support Him When He Needs You Most

Whatever it may happen: lost job or purged favorite team, he will be grateful to you for your support. Even a hug from loved ones sometimes fix what is unfixable.

9. After The First Major Quarrel

Most couples have a moment, when they have to decide, whether they should powder and shot, or there is a relationship worth fighting for. Although the quarrel – it is unpleasant , but knowing , that you are both willing to fight for their union and try to understand each other, only makes your feelings stronger for each other.

10. Be Mysterious

Don’t tell the object of your affection every single thing about yourself on the first date. Give him small pieces of information so he’ll keep wanting more. Everybody loves a good mystery and if you don’t reveal all, it will keep your guy intrigued.

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