20 Tips To Overcome Fatigue

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Are you feeling depressed? Fatigue, headache and eating disorders are the most common symptoms of depression.

When was the last time you have a sufficient and high-quality sleep? Adults need to sleep approximately 7-8 hours a day; adolescents and children need to sleep nearly 9-10 hours a day. Sleep refreshes our body and prepares us for a new day ahead.

Do you have sleep apnea? People with obesity or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) generally have trouble with sleep apnea. During sleep, breathing stops at certain intervals. These interruptions either wake you up or decrease your sleep quality. People generally lie down but wallow in bed and can’t sleep. Do you want to hear an absolute solution? Lose weight; quit smoking and similar risk factors.

Do you eat insufficiently? As a result of eating disorders; energy deficiency, exhaustion and low blood sugar make you feel tired all the time. What you have to do is regularly eat 3 times a day and find something with protein or complex carbohydrate for snacks. This will make your life lighter and easier.

Are you fighting with anemia? Heavy menstrual bleeding is the general reason for anemia and that causes iron deficiency. Iron is absorbed by red blood cells and carries oxygen to tissues. You can solve this problem by recovering missing minerals (Iron, B12, folic acid etc.) and eating well.

Are you aware of how much caffeine do you consume? Anger, insomnia, increase in heart rate and hypertension; all of these are caused by excessive use of caffeine. It provides extreme energy at first but then it wears you out. That is the reason why caffeine causes fatigue. Maybe you are saying that coffee is healthy, why should I quit it? Drink your coffee in the morning, and maybe in the afternoon. Tea has also some amount of caffeine but most people might say “We always drink tea in the evening, why don’t we have these problems?”  That’s probably you don’t drink strong tea, you add big amount of water and little amount of brewed tea but if you take it too far, it won’t stop tea from making the same effect that coffee does.

Do you drink enough water? Your metabolism needs water to get things moving. Your cells, your brain, all of them need water and if they don’t get water, they start to malfunction. Which brings us to “Water Quality” but that’s another story.

Are you a shift worker? Working in shifts may disturb your sleep schedule. If you have to work in this certain situation, there is nothing else to say but just try to avoid it as much as possible. Also, be careful where you sleep, it must be quiet, dark and full of oxygen.

Are you allergic to something? If you find certain foods which cause allergy, that might be another factor to your fatigue problem.

Be careful about your heart! If you want to exercise, start slowly. Many people get carried away when they are exercising for the first time. You have to accustom your body to a new daily schedule.

Diabetes: High blood sugar cannot be absorbed (therefore used) by cells. So even if you consume enough food to make you active, you actually can’t be. It can only be controlled by exercises and proper diet.

Insulin Resistance: Feeling hungry and that sudden desire to eat dessert out of nowhere, feeling sleepy and tired after meals may indicate insulin resistance; go and get professional help.

Hypothyroid and fatigue: Thyroid hormone is important for metabolism, you need to have enough of that in order to get rid of feeling tired.

Your fatigue may stem from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection): Burning and frequent urination are major symptoms of UTI.

Drinking too much alcohol: You think you can go to sleep easily with alcohol but the point you missed is sleep consist of different phases. You can’t simply rest until you get deep sleep phase and alcohol prevent that. So even if you go to sleep with alcohol, it is useless.

Menopause: As a result of night sweats, feeling hot and hormone imbalance, you feel exhausted.

Too much technology: Computers, phones and tablets make your eyes tired but if your eyes are closed, they can’t bother you, right? So don’t use them too much. Just pick a single game, or maybe two, and play it responsibly.

Antidepressants: Anti-allergy pills, hypertension drugs and anti-anxiety medications may also cause fatigue. Try to heal your diseases with herbs instead of using drugs.

Chronic Stress: Stressful job, stressful relationship, stressful life. Well, there is much to talk about it, let’s say try to remove them, and read the final tip.

Why is chocolate a solution? Serotonin is secreted by the brain and it regulates appetite and sleep. Lack of serotonin directs people to eat dessert. Chocolate contains tryptophan which converts into serotonin in the brain and that makes you feel happy. So it also solves our stress problem, amazing isn’t it?

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