Tomato Cure For Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is another popular disease of the century and if this disease doesn’t be treated quickly, it may result in vision loss. But with early diagnosis of this disease, vision can be protected. Normally eyes produce a fluid itself in order to feed some internal components. Some of this fluid also ejected outside of the eye with the help of canals. Some part of these canals blocked and sufficient amount of fluid cannot be ejected and this may result in glaucoma.

Glaucoma is the general reason of blindness and if vision loss stems from glaucoma, unfortunately, vision cannot be regained. But as we said before, with early diagnosis of this disease, this can be prevented. Some situations may increase possibility of having this disease like; aging, having relatives with glaucoma, high degree of myopia or high degree of hypermetropia, diabetes and hypertension.

This disease can only be clearly understood with eye tests. Also eye injuries may result in pressure increase in the eye. Some symptoms of this disease; headaches in the mornings, occasionally blurred vision and eye pain while watching TV.


  • Tomatoes


Squeeze the tomatoes with blender or with your hands to obtain its juice.


First thing you should notice is that tomatoes must be fresh and not be sterile (genetically changed), you must drink tomatoes after squeezing it. Don’t keep the cure for any other day and definitely don’t squeeze more than you drink. You must continue this cure during 1 month and you must drink a cup of tomatoes juice every day.

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