Is Salt Water Good For Skin?

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Beaches and swimming is a must in summer. We were in some kind of water even in the womb of our mom and maybe this explains why we get used to water and like being in the water. Our brainwaves regulate cardiac rhythm and make us calmer as soon as we hear the sound of water. When that happens, our body needs more oxygen than it normally does and we feel the urge to take deep breaths, which is a good thing because it cleanses our lungs and increases the capacity of the lungs. Sea air contains more iodine than the normal air and it refreshes our body and mind as well.

Negative Ions Make You Happy

If you have noticed, your sleep quality is better at beach cities because of the sea air that you breathe. The sea air contains negative ions and these ions help you to absorb oxygen faster. These negative ions also make your body secrete a hormone called “serotonin”, which help you to fight stress and make you happy.

Sunlight and salt water combination is a must to fight and cure chronic skin diseases. Are you taking a shower as soon as getting out of the sea? Don’t do that and let your body expose to the sun after getting out of the sea.

Curative Effect Of The Sea

The researches show that sea water contains more than 90 healthy substances and the most important one is potassium chloride. This substance increases the elasticity of the skin and makes your skin smoother. Salt water and the sun combination is good for skin but that doesn’t mean you should be exposed to the sun for hours after getting out of the sea. Excessive exposure to the sun harm your skin and may even cause skin cancer.

So how to use this curative effect of the salt and the sun? Just keep in mind that you don’t need to take a shower right after getting out of the sea and you can sunbathe without taking a shower. This curative effect also works with sun creams, which brings us to the conclusion:

1. Swim as much as you like.
2. Don’t take a shower after getting out of the sea and don’t dry yourself with a towel.
3. Use sun cream after drying to increase the protective and curative effect of the sun.

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