How To Protect Your Back As An Active Mobile Phone User

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Not only computers but also mobile phones may cause problems and back pains if you are not careful about your posture. Most people start to spend their time using their phones more than sitting in front of a computer. People can spend hours with their tablet by watching movies liking photos on Instagram. The mobile phones are supposed to make our lives easier but are you sure that you use your tablet or your phone with a correct posture?

20-Minute Rule

It is not hard to correct and improve your posture actually, simple steps can make your life a lot better and easier. Do not sit somewhere more than 20 minutes because even if you start with a proper posture, you cannot keep it more than 20 minutes and start leaning or slouching even without noticing.

Remind Your Body The Correct Posture

Your neck and your head are natural extensions of your spine. The muscles on your back reach out to your neck to carry your head but when you lean your head forward, your head weigh a lot more than it normally does and that damages your spine and distort its original shape. Sometimes, this situation causes pain in certain places called “trigger points” and practical way to keep your head in the correct position is leaning your head against a wall and reminding your body to the correct posture.

Another thing you should do is using a computer instead of your phone as much as possible. Even if screen sizes of the phones are getting larger, they are still smaller than the computer screens that we are all used to. Most people lean their head forward instead of raising their phones, you can change that once you realize you are one of those people.

Pilates May Help You To Improve Your Posture

Working out sounds challenging for most people but Pilates is easy to learn and easy to do. Once you start Pilates, you can feel the change in your posture and relief in your back even within 2-3 weeks. You can do it after you wake up or before you go to bed but Pilates experts think doing Pilates in the morning is more favorable.

Have you ever heard of “quadriceps” and “hamstrings”? Even if these muscles are located in your thighs, they are highly related to the back pain. If you suffer from back pain when you stand too long, that means your muscles are not enough to carry you and these specific muscles that you need to build are quadriceps and hamstrings. Bodyweight squat will be more than enough to build these muscles.

Before doing squat, watch squat videos from YouTube and learn how to achieve the perfect squat. There is a certain posture you need to keep while doing squat or you may end up ruining your back. Your knee should be in line with your toes, your back should be straight, your butt should be pushed back and you need to look forward.

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