6 Common Mistakes That Keep You From Having Perkier Boobs

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Our breasts are made of fatty tissue, supportive tissue and ligaments. There is no muscle to keep the breasts from sagging so working out is not a direct solution to avoid saggy breasts. Saggy breasts are mostly caused by the lack of collagen under your boobs. Collagen is a type of protein that is found in your skin. Collagen tightens your skin and lack of collagen under your boobs, as you can guess, causes saggy breasts. Most women prefer collagen supplement to have bigger boobs but it also keeps your skin younger and tight. If you don’t want to use supplements and go natural, you can prefer taking vitamin C because it boosts collagen production.

Even if there are some precautions you can take to keep your boobs firm, there are common mistakes and even habits cause your breasts to sag. Paying attention and trying to avoid some of these mistakes can help you to keep your boobs firm and make them perky.

1. Losing Weight

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Losing weight and getting fit might be hard but staying fit is definitely harder. Sometimes you succeed to stay fit but sometimes you can’t. Every time you gain, your skin tightens and every time you lose weight, your skin sags. This continuous cycle causes your skin to lose its elasticity and naturally, it also affects your breasts. If that happens, try to increase your collagen production with vitamin C or supplements.

2. Smoking

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Smoking is not only bad for your lungs but also for your breasts. It contains chemicals that act as a collagen inhibitor, that’s one of the main reasons why smoking is bad for your skin. It causes your skin to age and loosens your skin including your breasts. This may be not enough reason for you to quit smoking but at least it will add another reason to your list.

3. Wearing The Wrong Bra

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Gravity constantly pulls your breasts down and causes ligaments in your breasts to stretch. This is why you need to wear a bra all the time. You need to support your breasts if you don’t want them to sag. Wearing a backless bra or wrong size bra are not able to support the breasts properly. Your bra should not only cover your boobs but also hold and support them from below. Always keep your boobs from stretching or you will damage the ligaments.

4. Excessive Sun Exposure

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Sun is another enemy of the collagen – the main reason why it is bad for your skin. If the Sun causes wrinkles and sagging, no wonder it does the same thing for the breasts too. When you expose the Sun too much, UV rays break down the collagen on your skin. Don’t stay under the Sun for too long without a proper sunscreen.

5. Exercising Without A Sports Bra

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Gravity is not the only thing pulls your breast down. Physical activities supposed to make your boobs firm but a simple mistake can do the opposite. If your boobs bounce too much during active sports such as running, tennis or basketball, ligaments in your boobs are stretched and even harmed. In order to prevent that, always wear a sports bra that perfectly fits you while exercising and working out.

6. Dehydration

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You might have already heard that water is good for skin and it is perfectly logical to moisturize your skin to prevent sagging. If you are going to use collagen powders, use them with cold water to easily dissolve them. Keeping your body hydrated with lemon water also boosts collagen production since lemon contains vitamin C.

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