Onion Cure For Acne

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Some people have oily skin and even if we want so much, we can’t change our skin type. People who have oily skin tend to have more acne problems than usual but that does not mean if you have oily skin you will certainly have acne all over your face. The key part of this problem is keeping your skin clean. You don’t have to use soap every time you wash your face and if you do, it will dry your skin so just wash your face with pure water.

However, there is one more reason why people have acne, they may have liver problems. The liver is trying to cleanse itself by getting rid of the inflammation by causing acne and pimples. If you don’t cleanse your liver, it tries to protect itself by natural defense mechanism. Onion is known to cleanse blood stream but you have to use it properly to make it work. In the first days of the cure, acne on your body may increase because due to cleansing but don’t let that scare you. Continue this cure for 20 days, you will see the difference.


  • 2 cups water
  • 1 Onion (One for per day)
  • A Jar


Boil 2 cups of water in a large pot. Break the onion into small pieces with your hands and do not use a knife for this job, just use your hands. Add hot water into jar and then add onion pieces. Wait at least 6 hours.


Drink this onion juice before meals on an empty stomach. The Important point is you must prepare this cure every day with fresh onion and continue 20 days.

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