6 Tricks To Wear High Heels Without Pain

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1. Prefer Chunky Heels

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Even if the part we love most about high heels is their long, thin and sexy heels, they are not always the perfect choice. If you are going to walk or stand all day long, wearing thin heels might hurt your feet. Wearing chunkier heels, on the other hand, not only can increase your comfort but also the balance as well.

2. Use Foot Pads

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If you have ever experienced pain due to wearing high heels for a long time, you’d know the whole pain would be almost on the ball of your feet, since they are the parts that carry most of your weight while wearing high heels. If you are still not comfortable with wearing high heels, using foot pad will help you a lot with the adaptation period.

Shoe pad (or footbed) is not the same thing as foot pad; shoe pad covers the whole sole of your foot while foot pad covers the only ball of your foot. These pads are usually self-adhesive so all you need to do is stick them on the balls of your feet.

In order to protect your feet, foot pad should have some thickness so when you stick it on your foot, the space left for your foot will be decreased therefore be sure to choose proper high heels.

3. Spend Your Money On Quality Shoes

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When you buy low-quality shoes, it is almost certain that they will pinch your feet no matter how many pads you stick on your feet. Moreover, most of the low-quality shoes can’t breathe and cause smelly feet; the last thing a woman would ever want.

If your shoes are made of genuine leather, they can easily get into shape and suit your feet. Genuine leather can also breathe and prevents the other undesirable situations.

4. Put Your Feet Up

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If you are going to keep your feet inside of the shoes all day long, blood circulation around your feet will slow and your feet probably start to swell, especially if the shoes were rubbing. These kinds of situations can be prevented by putting your feet up every chance you get. If you are in your office, you can put something under your feet that will keep them up in the air and you can even take your shoes off to give them a break.

5. Slingbacks Are Our Friends

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If you are not comfortable with wearing high heels, you can start with slingbacks. Since your heel and your fingers will be free, it is less likely to experience rubbing or pinching. Even if you buy shoes smaller than the actual size or your feet start to swell, it won’t be a problem. If you are going to walk or stand all day long, these type of heels would be a perfect choice.

6. Consider Your Feet Shape While Buying Shoes

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Most people buy shoes by judging their appearance, color or price but have you ever pay attention the shape of the shoes? For instance, most people may find disturbing to wear pointy-toe heels and if this is going to be a long day, you might want to wear round toe heels. If you are not sure about the exact shape of your feet, you can try a different shape of shoes until you find the best one for you.

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