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First of all, it is possible that you heard garlic and don’t want to use this cure because of the smell, but there is also capsules you can buy and these capsules dissolve in bowels and smell of garlic won’t be a problem but I recommend using the natural one, and do not use these capsules if possible. There are two agents in garlic, allicin and alliinase, these agents normally stand apart. Whenever you try to chew, cut or crush the garlic, allicin and alliinase mix together and create the smell of the garlic we all know and avoid. So if you can swallow a clove of garlic without cutting it, it won’t cause bad breath.

Constipation can be seen all ages but it is more common at older ages and it is also slightly more common among females. We can say there are two types of constipation; chronic and acute. Chronic constipation can be seen among elders since medication seems nearly inevitable after a certain age. Long-term use of some medicines may cause lazy bowels. Acute constipation may have many reasons like diabetes, goiter, muscular and neurological diseases. It is also possible that depression is the reason of acute constipation.

Constipation is not a disease, it has reasons. It is wrong to tell specific situation or thing cause constipation; for example, the decrease of the peristaltic movement called lazy bowel syndrome and can be cured by eating leeks, they trigger the peristaltic movements in bowels. There is also intestinal mucosa in the inner surface of your bowels which smoothes the way for defecation. This intestinal mucosa may decrease and that is the other reason of constipation.

There are 400-600 bacteria types in the human bowels. Some species are useful and some of them are harmful, for example, some of them produce vitamin B12 but some of them increase gas and make you fart. If constipation is caused by bacteria population, consuming yogurt can solve this problem. Mix plain yogurt with a small amount of water and drink a cup of it in the morning and a cup of more in the evening on an empty stomach, preferably 30 minutes before meals.


  • Garlic


Peel the garlic using a knife.


If your constipation is caused by bacteria, garlic is the best natural solution you can find. It also helps to remove parasites from bowels. Consuming garlic eventually cleanses bowels and helps you to get rid of constipation as well as many diseases.

Swallow a clove of garlic before going bed. Especially after the age of 40, it is essential to consume a clove of garlic every day.  Continue this cure until you get rid of constipation. I recommend using this cure as long as possible but it may cause a drop in the blood pressure for some cases since no one has the same metabolism.

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