Garlic Oil Cure For Tinnitus

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If you think you are the only one having this problem and don’t hear about it, that’s because people who have this problem just don’t care such a minor diseases and don’t mention it. This problem is actually not a minor disease like most people think so.

There are two main reasons behind tinnitus, one of them is psychological and mostly because of some kind of shock like overcoming an accident or a death knell for someone you love. That will reduce your energy, it is kind of joy of living and called depression. So since it is psychological, it is hard to diagnose it even for a doctor. If you have this problem, I recommend you to go out and do not sit all day. The more you spend time with yourself, the harder it gets to get rid of it.

Another reason is systemic and may be caused by minor reasons such as earwax or major reasons like perforated eardrum, infection or fluid in the middle ear. In today’s world, loud noise is probably the main reason behind this and if it progress, it may even cause hearing loss.


  • Garlic Oil
  • Onion Oil


Good news is you don’t need to squeeze the garlic in order to get its oil. You can buy garlic oil from a herbalist.


Do not buy low-priced garlic oils and buy them only from reliable stores. Small dealers add garlic or onion essence into vegetable oils while some of them add alcohol; either way, they are garbage and don’t have any healing effect. So how to understand if they are pure or not?

Put a little amount of garlic oil onto a paper towel or a napkin and wait for nearly five minutes. Alcohol has higher volatility than oil so if it has alcohol in it, it will disappear from the paper towel. Also, you can test it by dropping it onto your finger and rub your fingers together repeatedly. After nearly five minutes, if nothing left between your fingers, it will be wise to change the product because oil cannot vaporize that easily.

These oils, I am talking about the real ones, are strong antiseptics and after choosing the right oil, you must drop that oil into your ear before going bed. One day you should drop garlic oil, the next day it should be onion oil. Continue this cure for a week. You may also use chamomile tea if you are having trouble sleeping. That will also reduce effects of depression if your tinnitus is caused by that.

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