Sage Tea For Cough And Bad Breath

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Do you ever pay attention to your breath after you wake up? If you have bad breath just after you wake up, that may occur because of pharyngitis or tonsillitis. The smell decreases after you brush your teeth, and completely fade away after breakfast. The reason why this smell completely disappears after breakfast is because you drag all the inflammation that gathers in your throat with the foods you eat and drink during breakfast. Also for that reason, you may not have bad breath during the day but that doesn’t mean you get rid of it; during the night, it will gather in your throat again and again.

In winter, school-age children generally experience diseases such as pharyngitis and tonsillitis. In such cases, tonsillitis is generally followed by fever and children may not be able to go their school for a long time. In such situations, sage tea is an excellent assistant, just use it as a gargle. It prevents having pharyngitis as well as tonsillitis. Especially on the first days after you start gargling, you can feel a significant amount of relief in your throat.

“Salvia” is the Latin word for sage and it means “protect, protection and protected”. Sage contain carnosol and cirsimaritin; these substances have the same effect of antibiotics. Especially carnosol prevent bacteria growth by affecting their RNA. Cineole, which prevents cough, is another component that sage contains. To sum up, sage tea is natural antibiotic and anti-cough medicine. Active substances within sage dissolve in water and become effective. So simply by brewing sage with hot water, you can get these substances active.


The people who have problems such as pharyngitis and tonsillitis must avoid smoking and fizzy drinks. While applying sage gargle, try to stay away from them. Do not forget to brush your teeth, which removes a significant amount of bacteria from your mouth. Also, brush your tongue, many people ignore that but your tongue is the source of bacteria and bad breath. The most important part; gargle after you brush your teeth.

Did You Know?

In the past, people tend to grow sage or scatter them in planted areas. Parasites and pests can’t approach sage. So sage once used as an anti-pest product in the fields.

About The Cure

Add 2 teaspoons fresh sage into a cup of chlorine-free water.

Boil the water and after boiling, lower the heat down and add sage and continue boiling for nearly 10 minutes. You must gargle three times a day, and as I said, gargle after you brush your teeth. It will be wise to always keep some amount of this tea. After preparing the sage tea, you can keep it 24 hours before spoiling.

The First three month of the pregnancy is more important, before using any remedy including herbs, it will be wise to consult your doctor. There is a strong belief that the natural remedies and herbs don’t have any side effect, this is not true. Sage tea must be used mindfully in the pregnancy, if there is any risk of miscarriage, you should avoid sage tea because it has 4 substances which increase a chance of miscarriage. Pregnant women must not use any remedies and herbs by themselves before consulting a doctor.

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