The Protective Power Of Dill

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In daily life; fruits, vegetables, legumes and spices can protect us from certain diseases if we use them after certain preparation and application methods. Every herb has its own distinct chemical structure. If we can learn this structure, we can use herbs for our good. Dill (Anethum graveolens) ’s leaves and stems are a strong source of vitamin E. Moreover, the amount of vitamin C in dill is 10 times more than the amount of vitamin E.

It has an active substance called “Anethole” and it affects thyroid functions. Anethole located in dill’s leaves, roots and stems but dill’s root must not be eaten for that reason. Only parts that we can use; dill’s stems and leaves. I would like to point out that taking Anethole alone (in its pure state) for active substance (for instance as a pill) is not effective. The dill must be considered as a complete in order to use it as a cure. In order to make anethole active, we must also take some auxiliary substances like beta-caryophyllene, isorhamnetin and dillanoside which are located in its leaves.

Dill is effective against both hypothyroid (less production of thyroid hormone) and hyperthyroidism (more production of thyroid hormone) but unfortunately, it is NOT effective against Hashimoto disease (inflammation of thyroid gland). Dill is an excellent assistant for destroying thyroid nodules. It can destroy thyroid nodules but it is also good at fixing thyroid gland. The dill cure must be used with physician-prescribed drugs. You must also go 3-month doctor control and check yourself to a specialist. After examination, your specialist can reduce or increase medication amount. Drill cure has been tested many times and lots of people get rid of medication and drugs with dill cure.

About the Cure

Cure 1: For Increasing Breast Milk

During a week, before lunch and dinner, consuming a bunch of dill may able to increase breast milk. If breast milk deficiency repeats in the future, consuming fresh dill during a week would be enough.

Cure 2: For Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroidism

If your specialist warned you about thyroid disease or wanted to track and control your thyroid hormone amount, you may start using that cure. If you have already started medication, you must not quit medication; instead, use this cure as a support. At least during 3 months, 3 times a day – before breakfast, lunch and dinner; a bunch of dill must be eaten.

Cure 3: For Hemorrhoids

If your hemorrhoid repeats frequently, try eating dill before meals and keep dill available in the meals. Using the dill cure a few times within a year will protect you from hemorrhoid.

Breastfeeding Mothers

There is nothing like breast milk for baby. It is very important for a baby to take breast milk for a long time, it also affects brain development. After birth, babies develop faster and their metabolism works differently during the first months. Many of their hormones haven’t fully developed yet. They struggle to settle this new life and breast milk is their biggest support. Some mothers think their milk is naturally decreasing but they can test and increase their breast milk by using dill.

Also some mothers may have difficulties with hypothyroid and hyperthyroidism after giving a birth, they may use dill cure weekly since breastfeeding mothers’ health is important for babies.

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