How To Overcome Winter Blues?

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The tiredness is quite common during the winter months. This is mostly brought about by shorter days and we become out-of-sync with our circadian rhythms. Additionally, when the days are shortened, the brain produces more melatonin and that makes us feel more tired. Since the release of this sleep hormone is tied to the sunset and when the sun sets earlier, our body wants to go to bed earlier as well. You may have noticed that you feel very anxious, depressed and may have trouble with falling asleep. Low serotonin levels create the common symptoms of excess sleepiness, sluggishness, sad or anxious mood and loss of motivation. So what can we do to feel better in winter?

1. Consume More Oxygen

Oxygen is the one nutrient that we all depend on a moment to moment without noticing. Especially in winter months you should spend time outside to get some fresh air. Even if the weather is cold, you should go outside at least once a day. But this is not a small walk like walking to your car from your house or walking to your office from your car. Stay away from home or office about half an hour.

In cold weathers, air contains about 30 percent more fresh oxygen than it does in hot weathers. It also has mental and physical effects on your physiology. As long as it is not too far, going outside increases serotonin also known as happiness hormone. These are the things that can boost your motivation and metabolism.

2. Love The Fish

Omega 3 and 6 deficiency increases the risk of depressive mood and lack of concentration. If you get omega 3 and 6 sufficiently, that will take care of the winter blues. Leafy green vegetables and legumes are high in omega 3. Consuming fish at least twice a week and adding these nutrients to your diet makes sure you will feel better.

3. Get Enough Vitamin D

One of the other reason to feel exhausted is vitamin D deficiency. Even mere vitamin D deficiency can cause depression all by itself. Getting vitamin D during the winter is important for keeping healthy. And how do we get vitamin D? The best way to get vitamin D is naturally from the sun but we don’t have that in winter. Luckily vitamin D is fat-soluble vitamin and it can be stored in the body for a long time during summer but when the winter comes, these vitamin D stocks come to an end. So we should consume more nutrients that include vitamin D as much as possible. The most popular vitamin D rich foods are fish, milk and egg.

4. Drink Hot Chocolate

The sweetest weapon to fight against winter blues is hot chocolate. Cocoa induces positive variations on human’s psychology and physically. Especially the hotter you drink, the more it gets beneficial because it is high in antioxidants. It also helps to transport oxygen to the brain by lowering and balancing the blood pressure. Consequently, it increases concentration and memory capacity.

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